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    Pass feedback

    I'm sure you're sick of giving people feedback on the pass, but it's one of my favorite sleights to just play around with, even outside the context of a trick, and I want to see if anyone has some advice.
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    The Lethargic Magician - A Short Film

    This is a short film me and a few friends made Sunday afternoon. It's about a couple who encounters a street bum doing magic tricks...badly. The whole idea came from a real event...sort of. I was showing my friend some tricks, and I had done a bunch of pick-a-card tricks already, so I just...
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    Tornado cut help!

    I've been working on the Tornado cut from the Tornado DVD and I seem to be having the same problem over and over again. Every time I rotate the packet a half turn, it slides further down my pinkie (that's, towards my palm). So after a few rotations it actually ends up being in the outermost...
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    Invisible Thread

    This question's about Penguin's PET2.0 - and E's invisible elastic thread - Can anyone tell me which one is better? It seems that E's is more...
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    Daniel Madison's notes

    Does anyone own Daniel Madison's lecture notes One or Two, or his effect RIP? These all look interesting to me but I would like to hear someone else's opinion. EDIT: Found a fantastic in depth review of One in the reviews section. Should have looked first
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    TnR Review

    Intro Well, I got the download for TnR as an impulse purchase. I've been looking at the trailer for a week and it's been fascinating to watch so when I remembered it was released, I just went ahead and grabbed it without thinking. All I can say is, I should have read the reviews first. While...
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