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  1. greenstickman

    Is Failure with this trick an option?

    I'm kind of curious do any of you know of anyone who's been hurt seriously from the trick where you pound a nail into your head through your nose? I've done it before: (Here's me doing it with a pen and screwdriver instead of a nail and hammer)...
  2. greenstickman

    My first ever Cardistry Vid

    Hey ya'll this is the first cardistry video I've ever made. I've only been into cardistry in particular for about a year and a half, but I love it. I don't have a camera other than my stupid webcam so please forgive me for the quality. I did try my best despite this though. I'm not sure who the...
  3. greenstickman

    Is there a way to get blank face bicycles?

    I was wondering if anyone knows if bicycle sells blank face decks in large, cause I was thinking of buying a few decks and using them as business cards. I was hoping that maybe I could get like 5 or so decks for around 40 bucks. I was thinking the only way I'd get them this cheap is if they sell...
  4. greenstickman

    Is anybody able to do an upside down one handed riffle shuffle?

    I'm kinda curious, is it possible to do an upside down one handed riffle shuffle? Like break the deck in two with your pinky finger instead of your index finger. I'm just wondering cause I think it might look a little cooler from the point of view of the audience. I'm kinda wondering if I should...
  5. greenstickman

    Going to be going to Paris soon, but I had a question.

    Hey I'm going to be going to Paris soon, but my question is, "Would I get in trouble for throwing a card off the eiffel tower?" Cause for some reason that just really appeals to me.... Probably a stupid question, but I'm curious.
  6. greenstickman

    Custom card design. Tell me what you think.

    (Just so ya all know I'll be changing the post constantly as the design gets better) Kinda curious what would you think if I did a design in gold and put that behind the hearts? Also the poll kinda shows that the amount of people who like it are split in half. What do you think I could do to...
  7. greenstickman

    How many tricks is enough for a solid routine?

    Hey everyone, I'm kinda curious, how many tricks do you think is enough for a good solid routine? I have a feeling that someone might of made a thread on this before, but for some reason I couldn't find it so I'm sorry if I'm bringing up an old subject. I don't mean to be annoying or anything...
  8. greenstickman

    Do magician's ever have a poker night where anyone who comes is supposed to cheat?

    Are there magician's that ever have a poker night where anyone who comes is supposed to cheat? How effective is that at improving card skills? Does it even work or does it just fail cause everyone knows everyone is cheating?
  9. greenstickman

    cannibal card trick performance and if you really want it.. a pen up my nose

    Okay so I've been practicing the cannibal card trick for a while and I was wondering if I was doing an okay job performing it so here's a video: Sorry for the delay in audio my webcam's mic sucks... Also you don't need to watch the whole movie I just...
  10. greenstickman

    I kinda want to learn to cull cards...

    Hey ya'll, I kinda want to learn how to cull cards, but I got no idea about where I should start. Where do you all think I should start? Any help is appreciated.
  11. greenstickman

    How sick would this be?

    Wouldn't it be awesome if you could master a double lift hotshot? I've kinda been working on it, but it seems almost impossible to get it right every single time I perform it, so I'm kinda afraid to actually perform it for someone, lol.
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