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    Hard hitting impromptu effects

    Hello forumers, I know that this is a topic that has been discussed many a time; however I would like to know some effects or ideas for impromptu street magic that hits hard. Cards, money and general magic a like, anything that causes 'wow'. Thanks in advance :)
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    Tetris flourish

    Does anyone know where a tutorial for the flourish Tetris by Jose Morales can be found? Thanks
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: 4 of diamonds White: 3 of spades Blue: 8 of hearts Red: king of clubs White: 3 of clubs Blue: 7 of spades
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    Saturday Night Contest - The Vanishing Act
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    21 by Shin Lim

    Thanks for the information, I'll have to have a bigger think about it now. Cheers
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    Saturday Night Contest - Backstage Pass
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    21 by Shin Lim

    Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has some insight on Shin Lim's DVD 21. I'm thinking about purchasing it, but I'm not sure how great it is. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Saturday Night Contest - See The Unseen

    723 346 853
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    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    Spicy tuna roll
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    Filter Question

    Thanks for that :)
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    Filter Question

    I am really considering purchasing Filter by Rick Lax, however I want to be 100% sure that there are no extra "things" than just a glass and three coins, and that it is 100% impromptu. If someone could confirm this for me it would be great. Thanks
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    Farro shuffle applications

    I'm not quite sure about magic tricks, but you can do some pretty nice fans with the deck halves interlaced with each other. You may be able to find an application with that.
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    Card box flourish

    Hey guys, Do any of you know any flashy/flourishy ways to get the cards out of the card box? Something more than the old slow boring way. Thanks, Ryan :)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Time to Race

    26.78 - 26.89 - 29.38
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    Smoke and mirrors

    Thanks for clearing that up for me :)
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    Smoke and mirrors

    This may sound kind of stupid, but I thought this was the release of v7, yet in the box set there are only 6 decks?
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    Smoke and mirrors

    Hey guys, I'm kinda out of the loop when it comes to the release of the new smoke and mirrors deck buy the buck twins. Could someone please give me a run down on what is happening. Thanks :)
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    Card Steal Conundrum

    Hand the deck to your spectator while executing a one handed top palm.
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    My favourite triumph routine is "Open Triumph" by Dani DaOrtiz. If performed correctly it will get the best reactions from the toughest of audiences!!! Watch it now
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    Saturday Night Contest - Playing with Players

    card 1: 3 of clubs card 2: 4 of diamonds Card 1: Jack of hearts Card 2: Ace of clubs
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