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    Cardistry Private Session?

    If you have just started cardistry is this lesson good for you or would it be better if you had been in cardistry a while.
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    make your own deck

    i have seen people post pics of a deck they are making that look proffessional im wandering what the app of software that they used is called.
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    Question on Wire Account

    does anyone know how to remove an account from the wire?
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    Gimmick free coin in bottle

    If you reply to this comment I any way positive your name will be put in a bucket and within the next week I will draw out one of those names and whoever I draw will be sent a tutorial for the trick below. Another way to enter is to purchase one of my soon to be released tricks. Or like the...
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    Gimmick Free coin in bottle

    Can u top this?
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    Stairway by Marcus Eddie Review

    The effect is pretty cool and so is the method but the explanation is awful(at least in my opinion). I paid 8 bucks for it and I couldn't perform it. To be honest I had to watch a revealed video on youtube. I normally do not watch revealed or exposed videos but i felt comfortable with this one...
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