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    Mnemonica stack help

    I tried several aids to help me learn this stack. -The memory arts by David & Sarah Trustman -an app (cant remember the name) -Scenic 52 by Jamie D Grant (this ebook made it very easy for me to learn the stack quickly in one afternoon) Allthough Scenic 52 worked for me really well, it might...
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    Mnemonica stack question

    If they pick the JH I wouldn't give them the option to pick a low number. I would guide them to a higher number, something like: 'I want you to pick a number between 1 and 25, but high, very high. Difficult one.' Your spectator doesn't know why, so he'll 'choose' a high number. Let's say they...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Your Card Collection!

    Some nice collections. I'm not really a collector, but here's mine.
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    Self working card tricks resources

    I've read that there's a reprint in the pipeline for a decade or so? Maybe now that The Magic Way is finally out they'll be focusing on the reprint of Sonata? At least, I'm hoping they're working on it, I would love to get it :)
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    The Magic Castle FULL SHOW

    Great performance, loved it! And you made look into Scams and Fantasies again, so thanks for filling up my day! :)
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    Can anyone tell me how to do this move?

    You can't believe how long I have been looking for this sleight and have given up on trying to figure out wich it was for a couple of months.. Thanks a lot!
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    Can anyone give me any hints as to how the ACAAN was done in this video?

    If I were you I'd look into the work of Juan Tamariz. Enjoy your search for this gem!
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    THE (Your) Shift

    Currently I’m the second kind, I’m not a part time professional (yet), but it’s my goal for sure. I love my current job, and I would be lucky to work here till my retirement, because it has and will open many doors in our entertainment industry. And my job gives me the time and freedom to...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Super Bowl 54!

    Winning team: Shareholders Score: approximately 2 billion dollars. I know this isnt a correct entry, but I honestly couldnt help myself :) Good luck y'all, and may the best team and guess win!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Star Wars Card Lotto!

    2 of clubs 8 of diamonds Ace of hearths 7 of spades Good luck everyone!
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    Saturday Night Contest - CFP Championship Prediction!

    I have no knowledge of American Football, so here goes nothing. Clemson tigers: 32-19 Clemson tigers: 44 - 31 Good luck all
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    Saturday Night Contest - Resolutions for 2020!

    This year I got back to learning the Mnemonica stack, and am doing fabulous stuff with it. I also had my first paid performance this summer, wich was a milestone for me. My goal for 2020 is to earn enough money by doing magic to buy some books, because I'll only be spending money made by magic...
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    Customs charges to Italy

    I order from outside of the EU (Belgium) and never had to pay taxes, import fees, VAT,... Except for some small value stuff (approx 20 to 100 EUR). There are things that I ordered with a higher value (100 EUR to 450 EUR) that were delivered without paying extra. If they charge your package its...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm gratefull for being alive and in good health. For the loving friends and family who support me in every decision I make, even the stupid ones. I'm grateful that I finally performed a routine last summer, wich gave me the confidence boost that I needed. I'm grateful that magicians bring...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Card Lotto!

    Card 1: 7 of clubs Card 2: 4 of diamonds Card 1: Jack of hearts Card 2: 3 of spades Good luck all!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Coin Toss

    Tails Head Tails Tails Head
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    Saturday Night Contest - Where in the World?

    Malé - Maldives Good luck everyone!
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    Little introduction and some advice needed

    Off all the books I own I only finished Strong Magic. I'm working my way through RRTCM and ECT with focusing on getting the basic sleights under controle: double lift, force, false shuffle and false cut. I'm still sifting through Mnemonica to see wich effects I like, the only effects I perform...
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    Little introduction and some advice needed

    Hi all, Since it’s time for me to ask some advice, after some months lurking around, I thought it would be better to introduce myself first a little bit. I’m Nick, a 30 year old beginner, working on cards for about 10 months now. After seeing a performance of Lennart Green on youtube I...
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