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    Akira HELP

    Sometimes the packet im holding with my pinky slides down the cushion of my left palm so i can't rotate it with my ring finger. and sometimes that packet i'm spinning around with my ring finger doesn't go all the way around so i end up helping with my left pinky :(
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    Akira HELP

    sorry about're right. i was just gettin frustrated with it and jumped on here quick for some help. could the mods move this the correct spot?
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    Akira HELP

    i've been trying to get akira down and i keep having a hard time rotating the packet with my ring finger. Can anyone help me out with this. I find that part of the flourish very difficult for some reason.
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    Diving Board Double/Silver Surfer

    some good advice from the legend himself...Mr. Asher
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    Next Wynn Release Window ∞ 3:00pm EST Today

    I MISSED IT AGAIN!!!!!! i knew that was gonna happen. i guess i'll have to wait till friday night
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    Theory11 Calendar!

    I'm quite sure it's a little late for a 2008 Theory11 Calendar but whose else thinks maybe this is a good idea for 2009? :) Just a thought that came to mind.
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    New York Magicians...

    I am in New Jersey only about 5-10 minutes away from manhattan and I'm pretty sure there's a Tannen's magic shop somewhere in NYC. Not sure exactly where though. You could always google it
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    wow that really was a great thing to do for someone. I didn't make it home in time to get any wynn's either so i know how he feels. hope another shipment comes in sometime soon.
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    Mature eyes only please...

    what we HAVE seen is hardly "nothing"
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    Daniel Garcia's One Hand Vanish

    i hope we get to hear some new tunes from you on this new dvd too danny
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    2nd Edition Jones Change

    I was just curious if anyone knew if the problem with the jones change was fixed in the 2nd Edition Trilogy?
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    1 on 1 request

    i'm still saying that they should get the clipshift on the 1on1 :) what better place is there to have something explained for the first time.
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    Criss Angel : Out Of Hand

    new show in 08 huh? Is there info for that on his website?
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    Aaron and Wayne Shooting in Chico!

    I've made this suggestion once before and I don't know how everyone else feels about it but I would love to see Chad Nelson on 1on1 with his clipshift. :) What a great place for a first time release of the move.
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    NEW 1on1 clips

    I think you guys should try to get Chad Nelson on the 1 on 1 with his clipshift. Just a thought ;)
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