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  1. TimW1

    Silent Parlour Magic

    Hello one and all, I am looking for some silent parlor magic. I really love the idea of doing a routine to music with no talking. I know that usually these are routines that are built over time from yourself as a performer. However I am just looking for ideas. Rings and rope don’t suit my...
  2. TimW1

    Chair Tests

    Hello one and all, I want to do a chair test but I want to make it my own. So I am doing my research and finding the best ones out there so I can get some ideas. So if you guys could share with me your favourite chair tests and why you like them then it would help me a lot! I have already...
  3. TimW1

    Stage magic

    Hello again, So I am currently working somewhere that has a big stage and roughly 200 seats but I am struggling to find effects that work well for stage. I was just wondering what your favourites stage magic recourses or tricks are. I am kind of looking for geek/‘dangerous’ magic or...
  4. TimW1

    Book tests

    hey guys, I am looking into getting a book test. I was just wondering on your opinions of which is your favourite book test. I have looked at MOAB The ultimate book test Babel I am just looking for some of your experiences with book tests. Pros and cons etc Thank you!
  5. TimW1

    The Business of Magic

    What books do you feel like helped you with the business side of magic, the most? I am looking for more magic business books or resources of any kind. I am looking to build a brand, work weddings, events, restaurants. *note I have already got 'Close up the real secrets of magic' - David Stone.
  6. TimW1

    Favourite coin routines

    So what are your favourite coin routines? Hello, I have performed magic for a few years now and have mainly performed card tricks the whole time. I want to branch into other areas of magic. For now I am looking into coin magic. I have currently already got: Real coin magic by Benjamin Earl...
  7. TimW1

    Favourite non card effects

    Hello, I posted a thread but I didn’t make much sense. So let’s try again. I have loads of card material in my set but I am looking for some non card routines. I was thinking: Murry mint Real coin magic Ring flight These sorts of things but I wanted to know what you guys thing is good and...
  8. TimW1

    Walk around ROUTINES

    Hey guys, So I have been getting into doing walk around gigs at parties and weddings. All of which is cool but I am burning through my material pretty fast. I currently do a lot of card stuff. Here is my current routine: Repeat card to mouth 2 card monte Ambitious card Wack my pack...
  9. TimW1

    Multiple selection routines

    I haven't been able to find a thread about this but if there is one my apologies. I am looking for a good multiple selection routine for stand up situations. If anyone has an suggestios that would be awesome. P.s. I already know Derren Browns three card routine
  10. TimW1

    Walk around card magic?

    Hey wizards and witches. I have been learning magic for a while now but I still struggle to find routines that are good for walk around magic - that don't require a special deck, set up or gimmick. I have pockets full of cards and gimmicks. I am looking for some good card material, using just...
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