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  1. nick11link

    Funny David Copperfield Commercial I found this browsing around and thought it was pretty funny. :D
  2. nick11link

    Trick Design

    First off, this isn't a thread asking to rate a trick idea, or a thread asking for help designing a trick. I have been thinking lately, how do I progress my magic? How do I move beyond the basics and start doing truly amazing things? Should I absorb all the information I can? Should I...
  3. nick11link

    Witness - Lee Asher

    One of my first purchases from T11. For a little background I've been performing for more than two years, which for me is a long time. I've got some experience under my belt. The Video: Shot in high definition, pristine quality and sound! I got the dvd, so I can't speak for the download...
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