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  1. StevenLevitt

    Ace quotes idea

    Not quite sure what you need mate. So your girlfriend is named Ace? And you want words to say to her with the word "Ace" in it? But they have to be related to love? That is quite a tricky one.
  2. StevenLevitt

    Magicians on Twitter

    Which magicians are interesting to follow on Twitter? I realised I do not follow many, so I'd like to follow some to inspire me. :)
  3. StevenLevitt

    General Storage

    How about something like this? You could probably fit a lot of decks in there, and it should keep them in good condition too. Lots of local shops sell these. :)
  4. StevenLevitt

    I am back, and I'm going to hang around more

    This video is from my channel. I posted it yesterday. I am learning to use my camera, so the video is to see the quality of it. I need to turn off the auto focus next time though. :D
  5. StevenLevitt

    I am back, and I'm going to hang around more

    Thank you, the website has certainly changed so no doubt the community has too. I will lurk a bit and will get involved where I can. My secret, well the channel the video is hosted on is pretty big, the guy is my friend so he was happy to put a video of me on there. :) Yeah I have been...
  6. StevenLevitt

    I am back, and I'm going to hang around more

    Hi all, I have been in the magic scene for a while, but also been out of it for a while due to other commitments and life just getting in the way. Dammit life! I hope everyone is doing well, and please let me know what I have missed. It has been 5 years since I came to this place! :o On topic...
  7. StevenLevitt

    Show me magic, show me again. Show him some magic.

    When not being paid, or working as a magician in your normal life, school, college, university, work or what ever you do as a daily routine. When people keep asking you for magic, do you always perform? - For example friends, colleagues or students, they have seen a lot of the magic you have...
  8. StevenLevitt

    Flip (UltraHD) Any good?

    Hello guys, long time no see, been pretty busy for me recently and I hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas! Question regarding the UltraHD Flip camera, is this a nice choice for when it comes to making short magic/flourishing movies? Take care all.
  9. StevenLevitt

    David Copperfield Investigation Closed
  10. StevenLevitt

    Win Magic : The unique knock out!

    First of all I would like to say sorry to everyone here. I have been a let down to you all. It is just that there has been quite a few changes in my life, some have been upsetting, and some have been great. I would just like to put this competition on hold for a little while if you do not...
  11. StevenLevitt

    R.I.P - Billy Mays

    How ironic! RIP Billy.
  12. StevenLevitt

    Win Magic : The unique knock out!

    Sorry I have been extremely busy, I am now a graduate :) Anyway I will try and get back on track here, sorry for the delay! - I have asked Kieran who the 5 people who are knocked out are. Once I know then I will share with everyone here my list - This list includes everyone who is in the...
  13. StevenLevitt

    Win Magic : The unique knock out!

    Hi guys, still in Cyprus, I am glad both postcards have been accepted. One has been complete. 5 people have unfortunately been knocked out, however 5 have got through. As for the second postcard, you will need to get as many followers as you can, depending on what the number of followers...
  14. StevenLevitt

    Win Magic : The unique knock out!

    Going tonight. - Please wait, as the comp will be running while I am away in Cyprus. aJohnson you will be running it on Tuesday. You will see when Tuesday comes what you have to do. :)
  15. StevenLevitt

    Egregious Grammatical Error

    On the preview of this thread: "I mean, when you're trying to produce a really proffesional video". Geez someone needs to re-read what they are typing. I mean producing a thread like that with the word "professional" spelt wrong, because it is surely not spelt "proffesional" is it not? A dumb...
  16. StevenLevitt

    Good example, of a good video.

    You do not love me enough to be in your "Awesome members" list. Maybe I am overly awesome of all awesomeness in the awesometheoristically sort of way.
  17. StevenLevitt

    Good example, of a good video. :D Love it, watched it over and over again for days now, just entertains me how good it is.
  18. StevenLevitt

    I will be performing to a very posh audience on Sunday.

    Do not worry, I have confirmed about a photographer, and it is fine. Also, this booking is a private booking with myself, I am not working through an agent. Anyway, it starts this afternoon, I will let you know how it goes later! :)
  19. StevenLevitt

    Twitter Follow Me Thread

    It can have its uses.
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