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  1. arcangeld

    Improving T11

    I haven't checked.. but maybe paypal aswell..
  2. arcangeld

    Best Stage Magic Trick!

    I always liked Tellers (from the Pen & Teller duo) signature shadow rose routine.
  3. arcangeld

    Please be polite to your audiences!

    As Oz said in one of his lectures that we do not just entertain.. but 'We are in the business of creating memories' So it is our responsibility as magicians to create good memories and not the ones like CkLam experienced. My brother is head of this magicians club back in my hometown, and that...
  4. arcangeld

    My Trip to the U.S. Playing Card Company

    I can relate to the aussies here... damn jealous man. I just got my centurions last week :) awesome stuff.. no magic shop in perth.. garr
  5. arcangeld

    Improving T11

    doesnt that break the copyright act?.. shouldn't we as magicians be more professional about that -_? and for the millionth time.. pay pal...
  6. arcangeld

    Singapore Magic Stores? 100 Orchard Road Meridien Shopping Center #03-03 Singapore 238840
  7. arcangeld

    One Among Eleven : Image Submissions

    Man! yeah I had high hopes.. submit pictures about ourselves with the t11 on it?
  8. arcangeld

    One Among Eleven : Image Submissions

    Firstly.. I hope I made it in time. 2ndly the video is not working for me.. so hope this is acceptable 3rdly.. Finally a competition that doesn't need to massacre my lovely cards :P
  9. arcangeld

    One Among Eleven : Image Submissions

    its not to late to submit a submission am I?
  10. arcangeld

    Improving T11

    Nick.. I can't one on one cause they do not accept my credit here.. >.< I'll wire cash to you through the Western Union :P
  11. arcangeld

    Improving T11

    It is not dead.. just that we are waiting for our input to be implemented.. Paypall pleasseeeee :(
  12. arcangeld

    The Magic of Perth

    Yeah.. my bestfriend google let me down.. there is the Perth Magic Circle.. and some corporate magicians.. but no shops.. Blink.. yeah I did experience some from this Shop Assistant Dude when I was getting my aussie number... he was very short and kinda obnoxious towards me and my aunty.. she...
  13. arcangeld

    The Magic of Perth

    Thanks mate.. Will do :) If I do go down that way. Yeah I do agree on the girls haha.. i'm Asian btw.. and yes I did encounter some racial issues on the first day of my arrival.. I hope you are wrong about no shops though.. I had to leave a ton of stuff back in M'sia due to overweight fears...
  14. arcangeld

    The Magic of Perth

    Such a misleading title eh? :P To all aussies.. Happy Australian Day.. how are the fireworks? I just arrived in Perth yesterday.. and am staying here for the next 3+ years.. I have tried.. but failed to find any Magic Shops in Perth.. So would really appreciate help. I even got my...
  15. arcangeld

    TnR performance

    i did perform Garcia's Torn once.. (Never did again cause practicing and doing it costs me and I are poor) It left the audience stunned.. especially when I gave the card back to them for inspection. Pack of Cards $10 Looks of Audiences faces.. Priceless? sorry had to put that in..
  16. arcangeld

    Refine Theory11?

    Lets settle this with a crimp battle.. .booyah!
  17. arcangeld

    Refine Theory11?

    "Fear leads to hate, hate leads to anger, anger leads to the dark side~" I can honestly say my grasp in english is primodial at best sometimes and I do not have such impressive credentials as Mr.Chris. But one should know that on the internet some words tend to be used to illustrate something...
  18. arcangeld


    Lets try turn things for the better by using some misdirection :P Firstly, to each their own about their beliefs, be it Judiasm, Christianity, Islam, Satanism, Scientology(lol) But I think the original intent of this thread was to find out if.. a) Do you present your effect as something...
  19. arcangeld

    Money & Magic :: Would It Make A Difference?

    bottom lesswallet.. broomstick from wallet anyone? :P
  20. arcangeld

    Your first magic book?

    The Bible?
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