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  1. snoopy123

    Purchases for Theory11

    I have purchased quite a lot of theory11, too many for me to describe one by one, but I'll name some good ones as recommendations for any skeptics out there. Top 5 recommended products Panic- EXCELLENT trick. Probably my favourite one since the angles are nice, and there are hardly any...
  2. snoopy123

    Miller Cascade Control?

    Hmm i bought the 1 on 1 a month ago and I'm still practicing it now. It will only take you a week to get it down, which is true, but to do it casually and naturally will take a bit longer. OH! and if you cant do a smooth waterfall, you might have a bit of trouble at first, but it's ok, since...
  3. snoopy123

    October 2008 :: Applying Your Skills

    I guess magic has helped me find who I really am. This statement really goes beyond "Oh, I'm more social now". When I perform magic, I completely relax, be myself, and simply entertain- principles which should be applied for everyone. Magic has helped me find what type of person I want to be...
  4. snoopy123

    RAW footage of Chris Kenner - Totally Out of Control

    I don't know if a topic of this has been made already but, this is INSANE. Chris Kenner footage, quality = my webcam :mad: handling= OUT OF CONTROL
  5. snoopy123

    Best Pass

    dribble pass for sure. When it comes to performing for people outside, you'll be using it the most
  6. snoopy123

    Pass Challenge

    LOL ill battle you! Ive never done a battle either so..yeah. Send me a challangeee :cool:
  7. snoopy123

    Collectors challenge anyone?

    sure thing! ill send you a msg now
  8. snoopy123

    Collectors challenge anyone?

    The title says it all. Its my first battle so I'm just looking for some friendly competition :p Rules...impromptu! If it requires setup, then setup as part of your performance. OH and have fun!
  9. snoopy123

    Voting Open for Original Color change

    LOL you guys are so serious about this. I dunno if you guys read the rules or not, but one of them says "have fun". I thought the webshooting thing at the end was absolutely hilarious. I would've voted for Ahbeeahpo if the battle wasn't entitled "original color change" ROFL
  10. snoopy123

    Challenge me - Ungimmicked Card Trick

    i want to battle too! its my first time.
  11. snoopy123

    The best "Triumph" in the world

    You mean Nacho Momma's triumph? LOL That would be in DGP Vol. 3
  12. snoopy123

    Anyone want to battle? My first time...

    sure ill battle you =D it's my first time too, and no XCM :D i prefer card magic over anything else really....
  13. snoopy123

    Dangerous or Surfaced? Help please.

    and that post was just TOTALLY unbiased right? Anyways, i have both DVD's and i have to say it really depends on your level of skill. Dangerous material is much easier. Then again, it also depends on your personal preference.
  14. snoopy123

    Needs to be removed...

    adding to that point, look at how many people viewed this thread...and then compare that to the number of people who replied. The rest are mostly magicians who dont own the surfaced dvd. Now that all those magicians know that there is a tut of chad nelson teaching clipshift...and with everyone...
  15. snoopy123

    Fan Control Question

    Just because it has been done before, doesnt mean its not a great control. :p This control works wonders on laymen. They dont trust a magician's hands, so what better way than to let them shuffle the cards!
  16. snoopy123

    Akira Fuji performing for Bill Malone

    the best performing for the best :eek:
  17. snoopy123


    Agreed. I would like to add that you should try doing snap'd without movement from your wrist. Just practice the release. Once you see the card starts to spin a little, then add your wrist. Careful not to shoot too hard though.:p
  18. snoopy123

    A Word To The Wise

    Actually, Daniel Madison and D&D always use flourishing to compliment their magic. Personally, I think flourishing is good for magic, but only to a certain extent. (not 45 seconds of flourishing though :p)
  19. snoopy123

    Trilogy Tricks reactions

    Agreed. Hand to mouth never fails :) I also like doing Deja Vu a lot. People give me the whole "what the hell.." reaction when i duck change + reveal.
  20. snoopy123

    Favorite Card Magicians

    I LOVE Brian Tudor's handling. His style is so edgy and it feels as if I'm thrown into some hypnotic trance when he performs....Though, I can't say the same if i were a layman :(
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