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    How to deal with Hecklers?

    I learn to never bother blaming the people who were heckling about my magic. (unless is other magicians) I don't even bring it up. The most common thing is that new magicians don't have good misdirection, or is assertive. That's all it boils down too. If they try to take the deck you don't let...
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    Alert :: Wayne Houchin Interview (UPDATED)

    Wayne i love you but im not in love with you if that make any sense. Thanks for the heads up.
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    For Those in School

    Whoa everybody makes it sound like the guy is avoiding school because he hates learning, or somthing close to about how he is ignorant. Most kids are only like this because school is boring and do not have there general interest in mind. Also only 10% of what you learn in school is needed in the...
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    Orange County Magicians

    I live in southern Cali in ornage county. Im in Cyprees hit me up on PM anytime.
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    Cerca Trova Ideas

    Magicians ignoring exposure and only taking action when it comes to them. I see magicians cry about exposure all the time yet I see hundreds if not thousands magic exposure sites which can be easily shut down by a report. Take action on exposure ignoing it is just as bad.. :P
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    Who on earth would WANT to be a Magician?

    To tell you the truth i like the challenge of learning things that are very difficult. Took me forever to learn the PASS by forever i mean 2 days. I want to be a natural in everything i strive for it. But sadly I am not. I suck at science, not good on test I can only talk good to women and do...
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    Saturday Night Contest : Caption This

    1st entry "Ninja squad protect Danny's Ding a Ling" "kawabonga feel the sting of stigmata!!!!" "Greed leads to indecentcy i must meditate"
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    Daniel Madison ∞ Newest Member of T11!

    true tat I still get the feeling they had 11 artist at the beginning to hype the stie. but tats just me.
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    Profanity on the Site

    true You can't nitpick everything theory11 has that you consider bad. I mean if you did that theory11 would feel like other magic forums where one word can get you into trouble. (not naming any names by the way)
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    What Are Some Solutions?

    Television as it seems brought magic back to the general public, the problem is some of those effects on television is near impossible to perform live. I am constantly compare to Criss Angel or David Blaine when I perfrom an effect. So the only solution I see for people to respect all...
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