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  1. MarkEfferent

    Draven Reviews: Inner Circle by Yigal Mesika

    Thanks for the review, Draven! I recently got back into loops, finally got over that learning curve of "I break these all the time," and was really wondering if this product was worth it. I love using loops and this seems like it will be a worthwhile purchase.
  2. MarkEfferent

    In the Mind of a Hobbyist - Pragmatism

    Couldn't agree more. I guess I shouldn't have put as should. Thanks for the input. And in regards to buying tricks you won't use, I've felt the same way! There's always been one coin through glass trick that I wanted to buy (I still haven't, but maybe I ought to!) just because it looked so cool...
  3. MarkEfferent

    GLASS by me

    Whoa. That was awesome.
  4. MarkEfferent

    Opinions on Gimmicks

    I'm open to gimmicks that are necessary. My main beef with some gimmicks is their size in my pocket. It is just annoying to carry some things around. But small gimmicks that create an amazing effect? If it's good, I'll do it!
  5. MarkEfferent

    In the Mind of a Hobbyist - Pragmatism

    Hey everyone! My name's Mark, and this will be my first post in a LONG time. Hey, it may even be in the wrong thread category, but I'm pretty sure it's fine to put it here. Anyway, I wanted to make a post as someone who has been in magic - as a hobbyist - for a very long time. I've learned...
  6. MarkEfferent

    You know you're a card artist when...

    There's so many responses to this, but I just had to. You do flickr (thevirts lil one card flourish) to everything that resembles a card You've tried to faro a pack of 3 by 5 cards at school You've tried to actually do magic with a pack of 3 by 5 cards Your card drawers are more...
  7. MarkEfferent

    Value of rare decks?

    This topic already seems to have enough responses but I'll just give my two cents... Values of things like this aren't really objective. They're not made of gold... They're value is in how valuable people think they are. It's like inflation in currency; money can become worthless if people...
  8. MarkEfferent

    The Newest theory11 moderator - Casey Rudd

    Blue line: most original thing I've ever seen. XD And congratulations Ruddstah
  9. MarkEfferent

    t11.bulletin - theory11 has a MASSIVE secret

    Heheeee. Now what could that be? (wink wink)
  10. MarkEfferent

    Elite Prestidigitation's Introduction Thread

    All I saw on his post was "I'm flawless, and I spell the word 'know' wrong"
  11. MarkEfferent

    myepiphany - mark efferent

    Thanks so much Ian for taking the time to look through the book. Much more coming soon. Mark
  12. MarkEfferent

    How not to ask for a favor...

    I see more immaturity from Jason than anyone. Suhaas G wanted a reference on where to get the original information. Jason England, though a beast at the moves, did not invent them. G did not say "I wanna know it for free!" yet everyone implies that that's what he wanted. He asked where the...
  13. MarkEfferent

    Flink Flop

    Dude this one does look pretty cool. I like it. And the gimmick (I mean it has to be one) will be practical to use if it's always on your flip flop. I don't know man, I don't have it. But I definitely want to get it.
  14. MarkEfferent

    Getting a forced card.

    What I always do is give some lie like "Are all the cards in this deck? This trick only works if you have all fifty two cards." And I look through, lip syncing "one two three" as I go through the deck, even though I'm just looking for the card. I get the break, and do some shuffle that brings it...
  15. MarkEfferent

    Shortcut To Find Your Videos?

    Also, if you find one of your videos, you can click "More media from ____" underneath the video, and it'll show all your videos
  16. MarkEfferent

    Rising Card

    Are we talking card comes to the top? Or card comes out of the middle of the deck? Because raise rise isn't technically the "rising card" trick. I myself do not have really any preferred method for the rising card trick. I sucked at box monster, and I'm pretty sure I just suck with elastics in...
  17. MarkEfferent

    Apparently I can Hypnotize People...

    Man, What did he do in his act that shook her up so bad? Must've been a wierd moment in the show :(
  18. MarkEfferent

    Rise and Shine - Dan Hauss

    Alright that's still good. It looks like a great rising card effect. Great effect in general.
  19. MarkEfferent

    Rise and Shine - Dan Hauss

    I've got a question as well, does it have to be clothing? I mean could the cards be placed in a cloth bag or something similar to a pocket with the gimmick inside? Producing the same effect? Or does the secret require it to be a shirt pocket? Thanks
  20. MarkEfferent


    I know I will be yelled at for this, but I don't see anything unethical in figuring out a method without buying it. You have not commited piracy, you have not stolen, the product itself was not illegally exposed. You in your own intelligence were able to come up with a method. Maybe even THE...
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