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    Magic that is always with you

    can you post a rough idea towards what the sum the magic trick i going to cast against the buy .. anyone
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    Missing the top card on a double lift

    i am not getting well the suggestion as i am confused and becoming more confused by the many reads .. any thought on it
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    The Art of Deception

    the post regarding the magic being a honest deception is quite right ans well described as well .. in fact, the true words has been given towards what the magic is known for
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    Gambling demo

    i will too share the suggestions and hoping they will come quick and in bulk
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    Aging coins

    thanks for sharing the link as it is purely informative in suggesting the best regarding the coin aging and i am all set to do the trick
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    Invisible elastic thread

    if to consider money wise V2 is reasonable and you may opt the choice and to taste why it is good you have to give it a try
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    A new ACAAN coming soon !

    i am excited to get up the work you have done in to the book and looking forward for the release at the start of the coming year
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    WH - Thread Difficulty

    now you need not to give up instead follow the suggestions and try to go good in your similar concerns
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    Draven Review's NB3

    OK if this is that much effective then i am all set to have the product and for the most good it is coming with the seal of approval as well .. great !
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    Where to go after Bobo.

    what the book of Coinmagic by Richard Kaufman you have mentioned is a gift to me as i am getting the read done while there is each word coming with the learning, i am quite new to catch up with
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    theory11 t-shirt review: Monarch and Rebel shirts

    i have not tried the merchandise yet .. but going to give it a try soon as was not aware with it before but now is
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    Cerca Trova Ideas

    i am good with getting the ideas as it will help me in filling my mind so i may too form sound opinion towards this
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    Magic with Dave Stewart from Eurythmics

    i am finding down a link that supports the video from rolling stone .. is there any confusion to get the things right ? and i am sure there is one
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    Worst Deck Review Ever! - Parody - Funny

    it is hilarious like rest of the forum members are feeling ... i am no different from them and have enjoyed a lot of it
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    OK ! i have no idea what is running here as what the term matrix is stands for .. if there any to suggest me best, i would love to get it right
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    Complete List of Reviews

    well .. a work of appreciation it must be called .. the need of such a vast range of reviews is needed once you have to come in to an insight of any specific show
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    Welcome to theory11, card artists!

    what a good trick has been mentioned in this old dated forum .. i was not aware with the so old post .. but its value does not get any less as it contains a worth to be considered
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    first i have to gather the proper information regarding how to get a good start into it .. then i will proceed further .. is there any worthy source to to get with the useful facts of the trick suggested to try with
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    Cups and Balls

    being a beginner .. i remain in want to be aware of the new tricks and trades in magic and all its relevant aspects ... the read is helpful in fulling me with that wished information
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    Ditching the TT

    good tips .. i will keep them in mind while practicing .. may it take time to get the perfection that is quite natural ... but once you get it right it start paying back to you
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