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  1. redwulfe

    My Favorite Effect of Criss Angel

    Yes both are real. Red
  2. redwulfe

    Getting rid of an excess object

    There are many ways to get rid of an extra coin or small object that will draw little attention. When you get rid of it and what technique you use depends solely on your routine. Check out topits, the raven, and sleaving. You can also just routine it to where you need to go to pocket as well...
  3. redwulfe

    No Criss Angel?

    Alright I feel I have to pipe up on something here. Many of us do not like magicians that use ecesive camera tricks but to critisize those people without knowing the full sotry, which i don't either, is not fair to that performer. CA, though I do not condone some of his choices, is a good...
  4. redwulfe

    No Criss Angel?

    Though I give them that they made magic cool again, I also believe that if it wasn't them it would have been someone else. Red
  5. redwulfe


    Look into the Canon XH A1 series cameras and the Panasonic AG-DVX100B style video cameras Both have been used to shot many independent films and movies both can usually be found for about 2,500 to 3,000 and both are very high quality cameras. you don't need to go this high end though but if you...
  6. redwulfe

    The Red Queen's Head

    Congratulations Anna on your achievements and good luck to you in the future. Your attittude is inspiring. Red
  7. redwulfe

    How Would You Answer This?

    Nice answer dicer I like the way you worded that. Red
  8. redwulfe

    Business Card Help

    If I am correct and not just really rusty. The katakana Japanese characters under the name is once again the name of the magician. Just written in Japanese. All in all I think this is very representative of the younger Japanese generation and would be viewed as such by a professional, but as I...
  9. redwulfe

    How Would You Answer This?

    To me magic is the feeling you get when you see something truly magical or impossible. it is the moments that take your breath away. I strive for that in all my magic. I am a magician. A man who is adept at making the impossible possible. I have been asked this question and I answered "It...
  10. redwulfe

    Business Card Help

    Though i no not much in the ways of busness cards, I think this one is very well done. It seems very sound design wise. I really ilk ethe icons for the phone and email. makes the card multilingual as well. I am assuming that is on purpose. Red
  11. redwulfe

    my grandpa just gave me some cool coins

    If your truly wish to get into coins I would start by buying Bobo's modern coin magic and the first DVD in the same name. The DVD takes you through the book effect by effect but the book only being $10 is worth having. Read the effect in the book then watch it on the DVD. Go back to the book and...
  12. redwulfe

    Who created it?

    This sounds like an interesting question. I will look through some of my resources and try to see what book I have that depict the effect. If everyone does so we may be able to come up with an answer. Just for information it will not be before March 17 1845, because that is when Rubber bands...
  13. redwulfe

    Practicing Misdirection

    I feel that this is in all magic though. you should script out everything you say and do so that everything has a reason or point. If you have things in your routine that don't have a point then they shouldn't be in the routine. I think that most people who have been helping here are trying to...
  14. redwulfe

    Happy Birthday JB!!!

    Happy B-Day, man Red
  15. redwulfe

    Practicing Misdirection

    Thank you!!! I've been racking my brain for several days now trying to come up with his name. Red
  16. redwulfe

    The Art of Materialization

    Since you mentioned that you are doing stage mentalist shows currently I will assume that you are not new to the rigors of stage work and that you now showmanship. I am sure these are safe assumptions. If you need to vanish or produce anything that could possibly be given to you at a random...
  17. redwulfe

    Practicing Misdirection

    Another way to direct attention is to use you body to widen and shorten focus. This works best while sitting but can be used while standing as well. when you move an object closer to your audience and you lean in at the same time it tends to draw the attention in closer to the object. it...
  18. redwulfe

    Practicing Misdirection

    All of the points that me her posted are great ways to direct the audiences attention. If you want to study audience direction further I would suggest buying the books of wonder. Not only do they contain great magic but they a full of this type of theory. As far as practice goes you can start...
  19. redwulfe

    Just started up with magic again

    That's good to hear, It sounds like you all had allot of fun. BTW i love your signature line. Red
  20. redwulfe

    Wow... This is a first...

    Congratulations, I'm glad for you. Keep up the good work. Red
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