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    I have five dollars.

    Five dollars and thirty cents actually, to spend online. what should I buy? Remy
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    Yes, Alcatraz. The island, home of the cell of Al Capone and numerous movie settings, also houses an okay deck of playing cards! Alcatraz souvenir playing cards Okay, first off, let me get this off my back. If you are a card collector like me, and collect those various souvenir decks at...
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    Angle Zero - Your ideas?

    So as some of you may already know I've become obsessed with the Angle Zero plot. So, regardless of whether or not you have the solution to this wonderful effect, what ideas for plots for this effect do you have in mind? Please post all of your ideas on this thread. It can be patter, places...
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    Angle Zero - The Perfect Plot

    I recently have thought of an amazing setting for Daniel Madison's incredible card effect, Angle Zero. If you don't know what Angle Zero is, you can check out his newly released DVD set here at theory11. If you're too lazy to click and read that...
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    1-on-1's - Is it me?

    or did theory11 increase the price of the Card Fundamental 1on1's? Also, just fyi, if you perform Molecule Four NY, then Pandora exactly, you retain top card. :)
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    CoinOne and CoinTwo question

    I'm interested in purchasing both of these with that new deal Homer has on his website. However, now that I know it doesn't come with the gimmicks, I'd like to ask how many shells would I need to purchased to perform both of these successfully. Also, I'm looking for decent, cheap half dollar...
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    Trouble with Crabshak

    Hey guys. Lately I've had some trouble with Crabshak that's been frustrating me a bit. I have the right technique down and all that jazz, but I'd like to have mine sped up by a lot. I've been practicing it for about 6 months...I haven't really improved. Always seeing the bucks performing it...
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    Dan and Dave - Red and Blue Wynns

    What a bummer. The day after I buy a brick of them from them for 70 bucks they make each deck 3 bucks. so now a brick is 30 bucks. but at least it's an opportunity for those who haven't bought them yet to get them much cheaper. dang
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    Now, with TNR being released, why is Kenner holding a lighter up to a piece of card?
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    An extremely in depth review of the Trilogy

    I'm pretty bored this evening, so I think I'll start a totally in-depth review of the Trilogy. I feel like the contents of these dvd's are so incredible I have to say something about every aspect of it. This 3 disc (disk?) set of magic, flourishes, and everything else is extremely handy. The...
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    Which flourish is this?

    I'm dying to know. Remember this video? well it's the very first cut in the whole video. Does anyone know if this is on the Trilogy? I already have it, but I can't find it and someone told me it was on the trilogy. Can anyone clarify for me?
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    My New Trick

    I'm Kind of bored, so I guess I'll tell you guys my new trick idea. Nothing really new, just something kind of cool. The effect looks like this: You show your audience a gaffed double back card. You hand it around to show them. As they're examining the card, you have some people pick...
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    What's the hardest phase of Jackson 5 for you?

    Hey guys. I've been practicing my Jackson Five lately, and i'm doing pretty well. my only problem is the leno cut. i just have trouble because my hands are a bit too small, but i think i'll get it. What was/is the hardest phase for you, and why? How did you get it fixed, if at all? edit...
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    Justin Miller and The Cloak

    Hey Justin Wanna say, great job onyour work, you're doin great. keep it up. anyways, i was looking at your cloak website, and it said your thread is used on phenomenon. i don't recall seeing anything of the sort in the show's premiere, is it going to be on the next episode? a reply is...
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    Where can buy Ashford Kneitel's Tornado Cut DVD?

    Where can buy Ashford Kneitel's Tornado cut dvd? I already have the trilogy, I'd just like to buff up my pandora.
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    Has anyone gotten the new Guardians?

    If so i'd love feedback. i'm looking into a brick or so. they seem pretty good
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers

    I really love their music. Lately I've been trying out some of their songs on my magic/flourish videos. What music do you like using? I'm interested in some other bands that could really emphasize in my videos. Thanks regards remy
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    Question about Brian Tudor.

    is his sybil cut the "what the hell" cut? just wanted clarification. regards, remy
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    derren brown

    is he the same from derren brown's mind control?
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    What happened to Cerca Trova?

    I thought they would have the discussion this past weekend? ?.?
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