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    What happened with Lee Asher and Aaron Fisher?

    Just a question mostly towards the Theory11 team but if anybody else know anything please do tell. What happend with Lee Asher and Aaron Fisher.. have not seen them around here for a very long time.
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    Good Table Card Magic

    Hello all. im looking for a good book (or dvd, but i perfer books) on Card Table Magic. I now own Royal Road, Expert at the card Table and Expert Card Tecniques. I am think of buying Aaron Fishers book The Paper Engein. Any advice? Thank you.
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    Blackpool Convention 2008

    Anyone attedning this huge convention on the February 22-24? Just wondering. I will
  4. J

    Any recomendations for effects?

    Hello everyone. After doing magic for about 6-7 months now all my friends are very well aware of the fact that i always have a deck of cards with me. I really love to perform infront of new people and still love to trick my firends. But i have come to a place in magic that i have learned like...
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    Any sessions in Stockholm?

    Hello ppl at Theory 11. I have said it before in some of my other posts in the Cardisty/Flourishing forum that im quite new to the art that is Flourishing. I have watched all the vidoes that i could get my hands on and for everyone i watch i get more and more fachinated by the art. And i really...
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    What Flourish from the system should i start with.

    Hello everyone! I just got my own copy of Dan and Dave´s The system. I was just wondering what Flourish is the best one to begin with. Im no stranger to cards but not that at home with Flourishing.
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    What editing software do you use?

    Well like the topic says. What editing software do you use? I wanna start making a moive and was just wondering :D
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    Fanning Powder?

    Hello all! I have been doing Card magic for about 8-9 months now and i have just resently bought Trilogy and The System. I have even bought faning powder. And here is where my questions comes in. Do all of you use faning powder or is this just a bogus thing? Please keep in mind that i just...
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