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  1. JFergz

    Ring On String At Weddings(?)

    Hey guys, Soon I'm performing at a wedding (my first) where I plan to do all of my a-list material as per usual. The thing is, I perform Ring on String an awful lot and I was wondering if it's appropriate to borrow a ring off of the newly wedded couple. Since they just received their rings a...
  2. JFergz

    Gregory Wilson Watford Lecture 2013: Help!!

    Hey guys, I was absolutely ecstatic when my favourite magician Gregory Wilson announced he was visiting Watford on the 16th April during his latest UK lecture tour. I'm desperate to see this guy live! But the start and end times are no where to be seen. So for those already attending the...
  3. JFergz

    The Best T&R Newspaper?

    Hey guys, I'm putting together a show for my first proffesional gig (where I'm getting paid and etc.) and I would really like to add a T&R Newspaper routine to my act. The only one that's really caught my eye is No Tear by JB Magic, but I would prefer a routine where I'm seen tearing the...
  4. JFergz

    Cucumber Collectors // Your Opinions

    Hey guys! So earlier today, I posted a video showcasing a routine I put together earlier this year (around April-ish) and I would really like your opinions on the routine as well as the effects that make up the routine. The entire routine is original and personal to me just in case you're...
  5. JFergz

    A New B'Wave Effect // Your Thoughts

    Hey guys! Earlier this week, i came up with a new spin on the classic B'Wave packet trick which is a blend of B'Wave and Peter Kane's Wild Card. Inspired by the works of John Bannon and John Gelasi, this is an effect i call "Mexican Wave" See what i did there? B'Wave? Mexican Wave...
  6. JFergz

    Original Plots in Magic?

    Hey guys, Recently, I've been brainstorming for some new ideas for routines and effects. The only problem is that I can't think of any original ideas. No, I'm not asking for ideas; instead I'm asking the following question: With magic (especially Card Magic) being overflowed with plots...
  7. JFergz

    What will Spectators Fool For?

    Something has been on my mind throughout the week. Something that i think is important and somewhat intriguing enough for you guys to hear (or shall i say 'Read') On Tuesday, i brought Smoke by Alan Rorrison into school but instead of performing it like it said on the DVD, i instead did it in...
  8. JFergz

    Does Heads and Tails matter in Matrix?

    I've been pondering about the classic Matrix effect. I'm wondering about the minor discrepency that when a coin, which is heads side up, travels across the table and arrives as a coin which is tails side up and whether or not it is noticed by the audience. Any ideas?
  9. JFergz

    F1 Wallet or Super Slim Mullica Wallet??

    Hey guys, I am recieving a lot of dosh (money ;)) over the weekend and i have enough to buy a wallet. I hardly ever buy wallets (in fact, i have one and it is utter ****!) and i want to buy myself a new card to wallet with the money i recieve. At this moment, i have my eye on two wallets which...
  10. JFergz

    The Best T&R?

    Hey guys So recently, i want to put a T&R routine into my act but i want a visual restoration and practical method (so i will not accept TnR by Mathieu Bich. The method was terrible! The gimmick is fun to play with, but the entire thing was terrible!) Therefore, i've been searching the magic...
  11. JFergz

    Masterfile or An Extension of Me?

    Hey guys, Payday is just around the corner for me and i'm recieving a wallop of money! But the question is, what should i do with it? I want to either buy Masterfile by Lennart Green or An Extension of Me by Eric Jones. What i'm asking is, what do you recommend i should buy? Which box set am i...
  12. JFergz

    Cards vs Coins

    The real battle in magic!! I have been performing tricks with both cards and coins but i want to know.......... cards or coins?? Which one is more entertaining? Which one do you think you enjoy more when performing? The ultimate answer to the ultimate question. YOU DECIDE!!
  13. JFergz

    Breather Crimps

    Hi guys, I know that breather crimps are, in it's most basic words, an invisible crimp and i have just started working with them. However, i cannot create a 'good' breather crimp. And yes, i know how to create a breather crimp but i cannot create an effective one. Any tips on making a better...
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