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    Something old and forgotten

    So, I've been following Theory11 for a while now. They definitely exposed me to the style of magic that I would go on to emulate, and the community here has always led me to find stuff I might never have found on my own. So today at work a colleague at my new job heard I do tricks, and I prefer...
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    Paper Plate Magic

    Hello All, My name is Max, and I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me show off to a small group. I'm an RA at my college, and every year at the end of the year we make an award for the other RA on our floor out of paper plates. Last year I turned mine into a magic trick - you might...
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    Blake Vogt's High End = David Kong's Mercury Aces?

    These two tricks look identical. I own mercury aces and the preview shows the handeling to be, well the word i'd use is identical. I love the trick and all but i'm quite surprised it was approved by the theory11 team as an original trick.
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    From shuffled deck to new deck order

    hello, im looking into learning some tabled card magic and am looking for a way to bring a genuinly shuffled pack into new deck order. I have looked through lennart green's master file but did not find a way to take a genuinly shuffled deck and bring it to new deck order secretly ( a move i...
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    Home made Swamis?

    Hey everyone, tyring to get into mentalism and recently bought 13 steps. I kind of like the idea of using a swami but was curious if anybody here actually makes their own writers and may wanna share (if yes) how they do so.
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