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  1. Ibimania

    Which effects from T11/The Wire translate to the stage.

    On a stage set for 100 to 200 people, what effects from T11 or the wire would translate to the stage. An example I would give would be The classic book test (And Spidey's take on book test is available here) So if you guys have come across an effect that translates to stage, please be kind...
  2. Ibimania

    A little advice from everyone.

    I am three shows short of a century after which I will officially step into full time professional arena. Market here in UAE is not as crowded but on the downside demand is not really that high either. As a PR student, one of my strategies for a larger reach would be doing a magic web series...
  3. Ibimania

    Shipping time estimate?

    I ordered theory 11 band with my elite points, It started shipping at 9th Jan and has not reached UAE yet. is this routine?
  4. Ibimania

    Can't redeem elite points.

    When I click on coupon generation button, it does not generate a coupon. instead it reloads the cart page. Please help.
  5. Ibimania

    Artist changes?

    This question is for the people who have been up to date with theory 11 since the launch. Wha artist changes have occurred? As in who left and who joined? Just to give a reference as to how up to date I am, the last artist I remember officially joining was Apollo Robbins.
  6. Ibimania

    Speculation: What is coming up from Wayne Houchin.

    Guys as we know from expose as well as wayne's public schedule that Wayne has been shooting for multiple projects with T11 recently. I personally am really excited for whatever he has in store. So what do you think will be his next release here? A single trick DVD/Download? If you think his...
  7. Ibimania

    How do you name a trick?

    I have been mostly creating magic for my performances with no intention of marketing it at the time of creation. So when I finally have decided to package and sell online, I do not have a specific method of naming my effects. So wire artists, I would like to know your naming process. How do...
  8. Ibimania

    Alternative artist payment method?

    Hello, I am currently shooting a release that I will launch through the wire among other platforms. If anyone here would be kind enough to inform me whether there is an alternate method of payment apart from a cheque. Like Paypal. It would make life a lot easier. Regards, Ibi.
  9. Ibimania

    If you have Linking cigarettes by Akira Fuji

    Guys, I recently came across a video of Danny's original free trick he was giving away, here is the video link: If you have the linking cigarettes, would you not agree with me that this effect has mechanics similar to Linking...
  10. Ibimania

    The wire vs Submission.

    I noticed that T11 has different pages; One for the Wire the other being a plain submission (Sort of like Ellusionist and other retailers' version). Can anyone be kind enough to tell me the different between Wire and direct submission apart from the submission being exclusive to T11.
  11. Ibimania

    Help with research.

    Hello everyone, I created a coin effect in 2006, that allowed me to swallow coins. I am thinking of releasing it through the wire. I need you guys to help me in research by listing any tricks that involve apparently swallowing coins/objects. Any helpful replies will be credited in the final...
  12. Ibimania

    Which handling would be better?

    I created a trick about a week ago where I can ask a spectator to keep hold of right hand and choose between any two words (kings or queens, heads or tails, black or white etc.) and they name it, and then i open my hand to show the prediction in it. Spectators try to make sense of what...
  13. Ibimania

    What is this concept called?

    I ask you to choose between ace of spades and ace of clubs. u say ace of clubs, i ask u to look behind ur sofa and there is an envelope with ace of clubs in it. but if u had said ace of spades, I would have said look under the carpet, where there is an envelope with ace of spades in it. This...
  14. Ibimania

    All suggestions welcome.

    Hi guys, I am doing a web series on magic. Where I teach my own original effects in detail. I released the first episode and the 'laymen'/'noob' community has given a positive feedback. However, I would like you as magicians to watch and tell me: 1)...
  15. Ibimania

    Is this ethical?

    Hi guys, as the magic scene in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is pretty down, I do not get to perform as much as I like to. And I have like two dozens of my own originals effects and around 15 spin offs to old classics. I think western magicians get more of a chance performance wise...
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