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    Saturday Night Contest - Movie Poster

    Kaan killin it
  2. Biz

    Saturday Night Contest - Movie Poster

    Oww, this one def looking better man. Gives me the movie feels for sure
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    Saturday Night Contest - Movie Poster

    Here is my submission: I've illustrated myself (so I hope that's ok), taking inspiration from the Golden Age of Magic Posters. The movie's name is called "Ambitious" and it's about the greatest card effect there has ever been (the hype is necessary...
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    The Cardistry Card Game and Animation

    You can play the game online with others too :) ! I've played the game through instagram live with 30+ people ^^. Also, there's an online version too <3 Really happy to hear that you liking the game man :D
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    The Cardistry Card Game and Animation

    Heya guys. Biz here. Wanna introduce you to a new idea called The Cardistry Card Game. It's a card game where players must perform card flourishes in order to keep on playing. We've also made a full animated trailer for the game which I'm really excited to share with you guys! You can check...
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    Starting a Cardistry Journey

    Make the videos shorter. 1 Minute short. And you can get the idea across. It's a good idea for a project. What you can do, to have people get to know your project, is to contact flourishers and ask them if they can send you a 30 minute performance of themselves learning a new flourish. Then you...
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    Best camera flourishes

    There are a few things that make a successful deck launch successful. 1. Famous/Good cardists behind it. Look at Mano Santo's deck. They are relatively new but have managed to gather quite some cash with their kickstarter. Why? Luis Mecalco is killing it and even made it to the Finals of CCC...
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    First Time Performance After 1 Week Of Training In Cardistry

    1. Move the camera so it does not film from underneath your hands but rather gets an angle from above. This will put your flourishes in a better light. 2. Get this from the beginning and you can become a god very fast. If you do not have speed yet because you haven't put in the required hours of...
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    Asked & Answered: What Is Cardistry?

    Damn boy, you put a lot of effort into this. Respect.
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    Showcasing magic and learning through YouTube

    Thank you for reminding me about this.
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    Too much talking?

    Incorporate the shaking in your routine. Accept it as part of yourself and you will in short time find that you no longer think of it. Alan Watts said something along the lines of, "People make the mistake of fighting pain when they feel it. What one should do is accept it as part of itself...
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    Showcasing magic and learning through YouTube

    1- Don't go off camera 2- Instead of a cardistry false cut, go for something more natural, like a false overhand shuffle, or if you're doing table magic, then you can definitely do a few false table cuts that look a lot more natural than the cardistry cut. 3- Why was it necessary to turn half...
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    what about patter

    I second this. Recording yourself is a good idea.
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    Do you perform and practice Cardistry to impress?

    I've had the honor of sharing the table with some very skilled magicians and they all had some cardistry moves up their sleeves. Bottom line is: while practicing magic, you're not really using all the muscles from your hand. Cardistry uses a lot of your finger muscles. Learning and mastering...
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    Looking for a color change

    Collected some tutorials I made for some Color Changes I discovered. Hope you find something you like. A different version of Erdnase Change: Cardini Subtlety:
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    Coin Magic Underground

    Please don't go off camera. I have watched other video and it happens more often. That classic palm needs a bit more pampering. Looking a bit awkward gee. THAT CHANGE was a beast! And i loved that third coin vanish you did. All of the vanishes looked smooth, nonetheless. You good boy, but I...
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    Giving magic meaning vs Show off

    DAYUM BOY. Pretty much nailed it on the head. Sending you much love brotha for saying all this. Buy you a glass of cogniac when we meet. Just a small thing I would add, for those of you who are able and want to improvise. Ask the spectator 3 things about him. Personal things. Not like age, or...
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    what about patter

    Ok, now comes the initial question: how do you come up with ideas regarding patter. How? Tip #3: Create a box for yourself to better focus your creative energy. They say, "What makes a good artist good are the limitations he creates for himself.". Take a piece of paper and write all of the...
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    what about patter

    Everybody has pointed out some fine facts, but it draws down to the point: how do you actually come up with stories. Do you take them from other people? Do you change what other magicians have made and add a bit of you in them? What if this doesn't satisfy you? Tip #1: "I want to have...
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