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  1. J

    No Stupid Questions

    Longtime lurker who just wanted to say there is nothing wrong with teaching a spectator a simple trick. Example: sticking a pencil to their hand by using water. Provided the person is honestly intetested. If it gets them interested in pursuing magic that's great.
  2. J

    Why do people hate Jay Sankey?

    The Fool Us fiasco for starters. Also, his magic video that was political on YouTube. I don't hate the guy but he comes across as someone I'd rather not meet or support.
  3. J

    How to eliminate exposure and why it will never happen

    First off the cafe is toxic and cancer. Second, exposure isn't a concern as it's a very small percentage of people who care enough to find out how the trick is done. That and as mentioned above they forget about it after a while. I've realized those who constantly expose have an...
  4. J

    Magic Shops in Bangkok Thailand.

    Playing cards are illegal in the sense that card games are illegal/frowned upon. I did a card trick once for a few Thai friends and my brother in law at a local bar and my cards were taken away by an off duty police officer. Another example in the link below...
  5. J

    Mathematical card magic

    I used to teach grade 5 Math. I used mathematical magic to open the lesson.
  6. J

    Magic Shops in Bangkok Thailand.

    Ohho magic is the only place in town. There are a few places at Chatachak market but it's hit or miss. I'm sure you already know this but magic with coins/money isn't OK here. Also, depending on the police, having cards in public gives you unwanted attention.
  7. J

    What is the best marked deck?

    Ultimate Marked Deck for me. Also, the Bicycle vintage marked deck that looks old and worn. I like the DMC but hate the faces of the cards. Only because anytime I use a non bicycle deck people question it no matter what trick it is. Granted I reside in SE Asia.
  8. J

    Favourite gaff

    Three and a half of clubs card
  9. J

    YouTube Rant (Moderator Note: Strong Language)

    I respect your opinion and it has merit. I just don't agree. How many on here have ever listened to a song or watched a clip or video on YouTube not from the official channel? I don't think exposure hurts creators as was that person who watched that exposure honestly going to purchase that...
  10. J

    YouTube Rant (Moderator Note: Strong Language)

    I respectfully disagree. Also, using the appeal to popularity fallacy isn't a valid point. I just don't think magic exposure is as big of a deal as people make it out to be.
  11. J

    For Beginners: The Secrets of Magic - Rick Lax

    Great video from what I've seen so far. Highly recommended.
  12. J

    YouTube Rant (Moderator Note: Strong Language)

    Didn't watch the video. As far as piracy goes let's not pretend magic is the only thing pirated. I live in SE Asia and piracy isn't seen as lacking ethics. Plagiarism isn't seen as a big deal either. So the ethical argument falls flat to those here. The exposure doesn't bug me as there...
  13. J

    5 Steps To Get A Job In Magic

    I got interested only to lighten the mood when I was a combat medic. Then I got wounded (LimDu) so I was sent to a base hospital and did magic to put patients at ease (mostly dependents of active duty). Left the military and the magic kinda died out. Numerous reasons why ranging from losing...
  14. J

    When card tricks go wrong.... :(

    Note to self, avoid Paul Gordon
  15. J

    Thailand : Any cardists?

    Mai pen rai I guess? What's interesting is the cards at 7-11 are sold behind the counter not in the open.
  16. J

    Thailand : Any cardists?

    Live in Thailand and it's not worth it as I've been umm talked to for doing card tricks out in the open.
  17. J

    Magic Books

    None given. It's from 1862 if that helps any
  18. J

    People Are My Problem

    My charisma and extroverted personality makes up for my shortcomings in sleight of hand/handling techniques. Though I did a small set recently for a group of kids and the mother of one of them decided she would tell everyone how the trick was done. She was wrong and I wanted to say...
  19. J

    Jam Session- Pringles Can

    I've done one where the chips in the sour cream flavor can changes to cheese flavored.
  20. J

    Do you need to perform magic or know magic tricks to be a magician?

    I'm with Maverick with the label thing. Once people start using labels it leads to stereotypes. In my life I've been a combat medic, teacher, entrepreneur, grave digger, semi pro athlete, author, real estate agent...etc and none of those defined me as a person. I never introduce myself as...
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