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  1. MitchDaniels

    Saturday Night Contest - You Can Feel The Pressure

    ... Heres mine.
  2. MitchDaniels

    Who got you started in magic?

    Michael Ammar.
  3. MitchDaniels

    I got robbed...

    Well. Go to Costco and get a couple of bricks of Bikes, that should keep you from going crazy. I wish i could help because god save me i would. Regards, MD
  4. MitchDaniels


    ... My inspiration comes from Adam. I have had the great pleasure of knowing him. He is a fantastic magician and watching him in person is beyond cool. Your the man Poncho! MD
  5. MitchDaniels

    What would you call...

    I would call it Danny Garcia.
  6. MitchDaniels

    Daniel Madison Products

    ... IDENTITY is amazing. Not only is the material fantastic... but you get a heck of a lot of it for your money. Everything is well thought out. (As with most Madison Products) I personally found MADNESS to be extremely useful (But thats because i flourish) He offers a pretty good...
  7. MitchDaniels

    Christian CA Fans

    I am a Christian and this, this is very funny.
  8. MitchDaniels

    Ultimate Showdown of Magicians

    Dai Vernon
  9. MitchDaniels

    Difference between new and old Aladdins

    Old Aladins have a smooth finish. New Aladdins have a Air Cusion Finish.
  10. MitchDaniels

    Submitting Tricks

    If you submitted Untouched, then i think you have a winner.
  11. MitchDaniels

    Cherry Control Performance

    ... Very cool.
  12. MitchDaniels

    Your Best Reactions

    Poncho I did THREAD a couple of months ago at an Everett Aquasox game. There was a pretty good group of people watching (I had done CHI by Danny Garcia Earlier). When i did THREAD they flipped out. It was awesome. They would not leave me alone the rest of the game. MD
  13. MitchDaniels

    Hey Poncho, I talked to Shyah a little and he wants to get together to. So we need to hangout...

    Hey Poncho, I talked to Shyah a little and he wants to get together to. So we need to hangout. Peace. /MD
  14. MitchDaniels

    Guardian Colors

    ... I thought the crimson deck was custom for Katie Egleston, lol.
  15. MitchDaniels

    Uncut Sheets

    ... Its 7x8 cards and the white border is about 3 quarters of an inch. Mitch P.S. Sorry about the rough review of your book in Genii.
  16. MitchDaniels

    I have $50, what should I buy?

    ... Buy "Expert at the Card Table" and spend the next 2 years working on the material inside. The only thing you should buy in that period are decks. If not that, then go with The awesomeness Katie Egleston's advice. MD
  17. MitchDaniels

    Which is the best out of these three?

    ... Prophet all the way
  18. MitchDaniels

    Halloween Volunteering

    ... Also if you have Tattoo Joe; Bloody hand print. You could do some version of a rising card. If you have any of Daniel Madison's BURN effects those would be killer. Mitch Daniels
  19. MitchDaniels

    Halloween Volunteering

    ... The thread and needles is really worth learning and it is found best described in Tarbells Course in Magic volume 4 i think. Depending on the age of the kids would recomend Stigmata because it deffinantly has a creepy feel if performed right. Haunted deck is killer as always. Pen...
  20. MitchDaniels

    A Farewell...

    ... I would not kid yourself; your leaving for a reason that is beyond your control. I find it childish and rude. Good luck finding a place that has a better team than Theory11- i can gurantee you wont. Mitch Daniels
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