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    Replacement for magicians wax?

    So I was looking around and realized I have no magicians wax left. Do you guys know anything similar I could use?
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    Propaganda Video Question

    I was wondering if anyone knew what the flourish at 1:40 in the preview video is called.
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    Split Spade Lions or Mirrors?

    What are your opinions on these two decks if you were to compare them? I am looking to order about a brick of one of the two and have owned several red split spades. but how do they compare to the mirror decks? I have heard great things about both decks.
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    Flourishing is for All Ages

    I just thought some of you would enjoy this...
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    Symphony - Daniel Garcia

    Hey guys, it's been about two days since the release of Symphony, and from watching it a few times, I figured I should write a review about it. Symphony - Creative mastermind Daniel Garcia presents five effects hand selected from his upcoming Daniel Garcia Projects Volume 4, 5, and 6 set...
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    2 Card Monte: A lesson in simplicity, and showmanship

    Hey guys, while performing today I went through an awesome experience that I feel I should share. Today a neighbor of mine was having a HUGE party\barbecue, and my family was invited. So I go there without the intention of performing too much but I figured if I was up to I might show a few...
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    Hovercard - Dan Harlan

    Hey guys, I have been looking for an effect that involves a quick levitation of card, to go along with a routine I'm trying to come with. What do some of you guys think of it? Is it practical? How are the reactions?
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    Where to start?

    I recently bought JB Bobos Modern Coin Magic. From some of the content that I skimmed through so far I am beginning to enjoy reading up on it. But my problem is where to start. Anyone who owns the book, could you give me some advice on what to start off with, any routines or quick tricks?
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    Rare Coin I Found

    This topic isn't really related to coin magic. It's about a coin I found, and couldn't find an answer for my question anywhere else. As I was going to work, and was walking through the doors, I found a silver dollar from 1886, with the words E, pluribus, unum, does anyone know what it's...
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    Rubber Band Magic

    I have recently purchased BentTouchSlink, and my favorite effect from it is Slink. The dvd has inspired me to start performing some rubber band magic. Right now what I know is Slink, and Crazy Mans Handcuffs, does anyone recommend any other sources for rubber band effects?
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    Awesome application for Angle Zero

    I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks, and here is what I got... You start off at a table setting. You make sure you have a pepper, or salt shaker near you. You start performing Angle Zero, and cause the corner to disappear, and appear in what ever you had in front of you. But...
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    BentTouchSlink Teaser Is Up

    Check it out, I think Slink looks amazing.
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    Routining Witness and Indecent

    I hear alot of people saying how Witness and Indecent are great together. Well does anyone have any good suggestions on how you can put them both into a routine.
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    Great video

    For Beginners, very funny.
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    What is this gimmick called?

    Skip ahead in the video to about 5:20, this is from a Criss Angel Episode. He was doing this coin routine, getting three coins into a glass, and the last coin he throws the poker chip and it goes through the deck, and into the glass.
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    Difficulty on the Paper Engine?

    How would you guys rate the difficulty on the Paper Engine? I heard alot of great things about it. When it comes to skill level, I have everything down from the Ninja Series except from the Pass, which I use from time to time, but now I'm just working on making it as perfect as possible.
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    Problem with Voting on the Battle System

    I'm having a problem with the Battle System, whenever I try to vote, it is says I must be logged in to vote, but I am logged in and I still cant vote.
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    Chris Kenner: Simple Triumph

    I was checking out Chris Kenners Simple Triumph 1-on-1. I know of an older verision taught on Ninja 2, but this looked cleaner. What do you guys think about it? Is it practical?
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    Biddle Trick?

    What is it? I hear a lot of people saying how great it is.
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    ISOLATION by Danny Case

    This is my review for ISOLATION. QUALITY: The quality of the video isn't the best, but it is clear enough to follow everything. TEACHING: The teaching is okay not like other top companies but okay. METHOD: My god, how did I not think of it? It is so simple, when you find out, you will...
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