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    No New 1-on-1 Update Tonight?

    ya i was woundering wats up like was there one last week? :(
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    Is it just me?

    well the reason I posted this is because I wanted to know. Like I don't see the problem is with asking becuse I have seen some pretty low things said bout brad forgoodness sakes he's just making a living doing somthing he enjoys and I am sorry you thought I was comparing t11ande (even if there...
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    hell bound spell bound and three fry

    thx then ill prob get hellbound
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    Is it just me?

    is it just me or is there a lot of ppl here who dont like brad from E. ya ill agree that hes not my favorite but still hes pretty good and i know a lot of ppl think tht E is all about hyping up stuff but look at T11 and there card releases. they do the same thing. i realy think alot of ppl here...
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    not bad but work on ur shapeshifter but man ur ego is nice lol i had the first view on ur vid on u tube thats a first for me lol no pun intended
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    hell bound spell bound and three fry

    so the coins need to be about the same size? in hellbound ? cuz if it is where would you find copper coins
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    hell bound spell bound and three fry

    which would you recomend and also can hell bound spell bound b done with poker chicps instead of copper cuz i only have half dollers also difficulty ratings plz thanks in advance
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    By Forces Unseen

    i got the book yesterday and read through it and was like ooo man this is nuts. i realy cant choose an effect to learn first, what gets you the best reactions and isnt crazy crazy hard. Also for the claptrap I still cant understand how the slections get from the back to the sides (sry trying...
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    Daniel Madison // Change?

    YA my guess is its like a blink card cuz in the o8 vid u can c a crease in the card im not sure if thats how a blink card works but i made somthing thats kinda like change but i dont think its the same cuz i cant do tthe handlng its sooo crazy if its how i think it is
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    Burned or Totally Out of Control

    whats the pros and cons of each and ive looked them up and they look awsome im kinda in the middle thx and is burned mostly on making the cards ? cuz thats not hard to figure out
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    Goals for the end of summer '08

    ummmm 1 get a gf 2 keep a gf ( havent been very lucky X( 3 get a great card across card to mouth transpo rutien together 4 and lastly arial down 4 thoes of u who trick
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    Centurions or Guardians?

    centruons are awsome ive played with my friends centrons bleagh
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    Totally Out of Control

    is it worth it and whats the difficulty. i can do a lot ofthe stuff on trilogy and a bit of coins and rubberbands
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    Favorite Vanish

    retention but im not sure what kind
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    Anything easier than Trilogy

    a easy one form trilogy is card across once u get one move its quite fun then go into card to mouth
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    Has anyone noticed...?

    one of my friends decks of centurons were doubble printed on the face so the blacks were insane dark
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    Free deck of Bicycle cards from USPCC...

    i cant find the link did they "run out" (as if a playing card company can)
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    Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

    8641 2209 and 6666
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    David Blaine :: Split Spades : UNVEILED

    question what was the color change at 1:57 it kinda looked like change but with a deck under
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    Cards From Mid-Air

    look at my review of jeff mcbride art of card minipulation v 2 its not super hard but does take lota practice the single isnt too hard but some of the fans and steals are crazy
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