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    Video - Ice Pick

    Hey everyone. So I sent this video to the media section but I guess they didn't like it enough to accept it. Thus, I decided to post it here. This is a trick I came up with using some sleights you don't see everyday. In fact, I've never seen one of them at all, ever, and another one I...
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    Ego Change Help

    I wouldn't worry about the sound to much. When I do it, I make it seem as if it changes by me flicking the card (I don't actually ever touch it with my right hand). So, they immediately assume that the sound it makes is my finger flicking the card. I know this from comments like "Can you do the...
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    Magic or Card Related Movies

    Yeah Shade is an awesome movie. Anyone who hasn't seen it should definitely check it out. Make sure to get the DVD with the special features :) As already meantioned, Rounders is a great film. I personally think it's the best poker movie out there to date. The Cincinatti Kid is also a good...
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    People In Sydney Australia Buy My Decks

    Hey man. I actually thought those cards were pretty neat. I like how you want all out and customized everything. And I actually liked the back design. Edit: Now that I think about it, the back kind of looks like the back of some west coast chopper cards I have. But that one fan did...
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    No set up? How are the cards going to be produced then?
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    Cascade Control Demo

    Very good job man! That looked flawless to me. Always nice to see your stuff.
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    Why do they include Jokers in a deck of cards?

    Actually, there are 365.25 days in a year, not 365.5. Elsewise, we would have a leap year every two years. Maybe USSPC should include a 1/4 joker in each pack besides the guarantee one so that magicians could accurately use this in their patter so people like me wouldn't complain :) I can...
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    The Magic of Hayashi - Matrix Trilogy

    Yeah this guy is a fantastic magician and is extremely entertaining. I remember watching his videos back on mvd. Very funny guy :)
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    Counting Cards

    Actually most use 6. And no, it is not impossible. Although, it has gotten considerably more difficult to do so because of the security measures taken now adays. I myself don't think it's worth it. But it is quite a controversal subject, as shown here.
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    My Queens

    It was pretty good. Seemed a bit rushed however imo. Where was your color change though?
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    A new card control

    That's pretty nifty. I worked it out based on what others have already said and yes it is quite angle sensitive. I couldn't see myself using it but it is clever. So... props! :D
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    Can anbody else do this?

    I'm pretty sure he's referring to the pass-like action. Anyhow, I use a combination of both pushing it with my forefinger and pulling it back with the other fingers. To be honest, I never put much thought into the move, it just sort of happens. btw, Stuart Gordon double kicks a$$ :D
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    Horrifying? I live in Ontario and shipping is not too bad. When I got mine I ordered them from batteries and butter or something like that, but that was a while ago. Penguin ships free to Canada I believe, as does MJM Magic, so give them a try. I'm sure there will be better options posted though.
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    Gamblers Cop // Performance Guide

    Yeah same here... Except for tenkai that is, but I rarely ever tenkai palm cards. But indeed, the gambler's cop does kick major a$$.
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    Idea for pushover double lift

    Hmm? I don't understand what you're trying to say.
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    Card Magic #1 : "Clip Of The Week" : The Restless Lady

    Yeah this is definitely one of my favourite routines of all time. I posted a live performance of me doing this routine a while ago, which got great reactions although I messed up lol. Ineski had an awesome variation also.
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    Best deck for a hot climate?

    Well I was just in Punta Cana, where humidity was through the roof. Everytime I took my cards out they came out in a solid brick, and I was using Tally's. I had to do a bunch of springs and shuffles to get them into a satisfactory condition. Fanning? Ha. Forget about it.
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    Big Deal by Joshua Jay

    Yeah this is a great effect. I especially like how you can spread out the deck at the beginning and show that all of the cards are indeed mixed up, and then at the end... POW! right in the kisser. POW! right in the kisser. POW! right in the kisser. :eek:
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    New to Flourishing

    I personally think differentiating between flourishing and xcm is completely retarded. I don't even know why the term xcm was even created. I'm off to make some kraft dinner now. Chow.
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    Please Check this out it might help you.

    Well, I'm pretty sure most of us already do this. I have a crap load of videos on my computer of me from as far back as 3 years ago and it's quite funny how much we improve.
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