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    Magic related pictures and posters

    Hey guys, at the moment I'm looking for some cool things to decorate my room and wanted to buy a cool magic related poster... I looked through internet-shops the whole day, but I couldn't find anything which met my some help would be great :) If you know a website with...
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    Get rid of shyness?

    Hey guys, of course I want to get started in magic, otherwise I wouldn't visit this forum ;) But there's a problem...I'm a really shy guy, maybe even a very shy guy. I also have shaking hands if somebody is watching...and in this case somebody could really be everybody...even parents and...
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    Are there real street magicians?

    Hey guys, I read so many posts which deny the existance of real street magic. They are spread all over the forum. But could such a big community and so many prducts, based on the ideo of street magic, exist if there is no street magic? I know, there are a lot of different definitions and...
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    Royal Road Unnecessary?

    Hey guys, I already own Card College by Roberto Giobbi and I'm thinking about buying Royal Road to Card Magic. But I thought as if both are basic lectures...maybe they contain the same... Would you advise me to buy the royal road or not? - muhazz
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    Getting Started in Sponge Ball Magic

    Hey guys, I want to begin doing magic with spongeballs (or other sponge products). What do I need to get started? What DVD or book would you recommend and what spongeballs are best? Are other products needed than only spongeballs? - muhazz
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    Linking Witness

    Hey guys, i read some reviews on witness and saw it's trailer here and now I'm thinking about purchasing it...bit I've got one doubt: How do you link it? I think it looks a bit strange to the audience if you just pull out a little bag and start the trick. What do you tell your audience or...
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    Long routine or single trick in street magic?

    Hey guys, I've got a question about your steeet magic. I'm too new in magic yet to perform on the street to people, but I'm just interested. How long is your routine when you perform in front of strangers for free? Or do you even show a routine or just one hard-hitting trick? Hmm...let me...
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    Erdnase colour change

    Hi guys, I'm completely new at card magic and wanted to learn the Erdnase (or Houdini) colour change, but I'm not sure with which part of my hand the secound card should be pulled back. I'm also not sure if I'm aloud to ask questions like this, but If I'm not...delete it. Hope for some...
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