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  1. d3m1g0d

    Your top 3 impromptu effects

    Freak, by Will Houstoun Helder Skelter, by Helder Guimaraes Subway, by Dan and Dave Buck
  2. d3m1g0d

    A Quick Question...

    Hello all, I recently saw a performer in Madison Square Park in New York doing a trick with two soda cans. Both were unopened. He had one spectator hold the first can, and another spectator shake the second can. Then, he apparently transported the fizz from the shaken soda can to the...
  3. d3m1g0d

    vcr change

    I'm my experience performing it, the best angle is with only one spectator looking down in front of you, while standing. Kind of specific, but most other times I performed it I flashed.
  4. d3m1g0d

    Looking for a Specific Control

    Aaron Fishers All together (now?) control. He says that he doesn't use it much, and it is angle sensitive, but it works well. Its taught in his book, The Paper Engine.
  5. d3m1g0d

    Being a "Youtube" Magician

    Thanks everyone! Luis, madhatter, and KeoSilver, your posts opened up a new way of thinking for me, albeit one that I should already be thinking by. Thank you! All the advice is welcome. Keep posting please!
  6. d3m1g0d

    Being a "Youtube" Magician

    Hey everyone, I had a question regarding youtube. I have always wanted to post videos of me doing certain effects that I would like to have my friends see. But I've always hesitated in posting videos for fear of being branded a "youtube" magician. Does anyone have any tips on how to not...
  7. d3m1g0d

    The "Bug" thread

    I guess I should have posted the bug on this. Oops. When you're on the home page and you press the semicolon key, the screen changes to show the developer tools. I think its pretty awesome, so take your time fixing it :) d3m1g0d
  8. d3m1g0d

    Draven Reviews: Smoke

    I don't own Smoke, so I do not know how it works, but I have a couple ideas to solve some of the basic problems Draven mentioned: On the topic of recharging, I am under the impression that there is a program of some sort needed to be running on the laptop. However, if there is not, then...
  9. d3m1g0d

    Tricks for School

    You could try something like Fraud by Daniel Garcia. I think it might work at lunchtime or something, especially if your school has a cafeteria. If it does, there has to be someone carrying a dollar.
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    Found a bug

    Hey guys, Just a quick bug: If you press the semicolon key when you're on the homepage, the screen changes slightly, and shows the developer.... things. Just try it. Thanks, d3m1g0d
  11. d3m1g0d

    GENESIS v2?

    That is great to know. Thanks JB
  12. d3m1g0d

    That is crazy. Congrats man :)

    That is crazy. Congrats man :)
  13. d3m1g0d

    You found an anything is possible bottle?

    You found an anything is possible bottle?
  14. d3m1g0d

    New Card Control - Shift

    That was excellent. You execute it very well. I will definately be using this soon.:)
  15. d3m1g0d

    t11.SNC - Roundtable Discussion : Behind The Scenes at t11

    To both JB and Dan, What are some of the criteria that you look for in a trick submission? Do you have a grading system? What are the average number of trick submissions that you get in a year? Yours in Magic, Gandhi
  16. d3m1g0d

    How Much Should You Charge...

    Thanks to everyone who posted here; it really helped me get a scope of what I should do going forward. Again thanks, d3m1g0d
  17. d3m1g0d

    which time zone?
  18. d3m1g0d

    Guardians... no support?!

    When you think about it, Theory 11 has been around for about 3 years, I think 4 in August, versus Ellusionist's I don't know how many years. Ellusionist has been set up to produce all kinds of playing cards, and are appealing to a wider variety of magicians, who are either not fast enough or are...
  19. d3m1g0d

    Saturday Night Contest - A FREE Trip To Magic-Con 2010

    I'll make this short and sweet. I in no way deserve to go to Magic Con. Scarecrow is right that none of us really deserve, we just want. I want, but I'll be the first to admit that others deserve more. I'm not the best magician, I don't know things that I should, I am terrible at double...
  20. d3m1g0d

    Magic Banned at School!

    They banned magic at my school at the end of last year. I was pretty upset about it, and got 3 decks taken away. Afterwards, I got to know the superintendent who is on the Board of Education, and had her propose a club for magic, with me as the head. It turns out that she had taught my dad when...
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