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  1. bentley

    Saturday Night Contest - Are You Psycho?

    Spider Snake Lion
  2. bentley

    What is a good cheap camera?

    Kodak Playtouch is nice. They "killed" the flipcam. It takes great video but takes ok pictures. I love it. You can put the video straight from the camera to the computer as it has the USB on the camera. Small for on the go and although they don't make them anymore you can find them easily on...
  3. bentley

    How do I go about insuring my hands?

    People may think it is stupid but surgeons do it a lot. I don't because I don't feel it is necessary but I guess if you are doing close up magic then it could be helpful. I do know that a surgeon lost his hand in a car accident and he had insurance which helped him out. I don't know where to...
  4. bentley

    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    Set 1: 4 of Hearts Two of Spades Nine of Hearts Set 2: 8 of Clubs 3 of Diamonds Ace of Diamonds Set Three: 9 of Clubs 6 of Clubs 5 of Spades
  5. bentley

    Most Classic Deck?

    Simplistic deck would be the NOC deck from House of Playing Cards. They only have a white border and then full red, blue, or whatever color.
  6. bentley

    Saturday Night Contest - Time to Race

    29.98 20.99 26.44
  7. bentley

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge

    Congrats to Angeobscur! Enjoy the beautiful cards! Can't believe I got a noteworthy mention!
  8. bentley

    Acting as a Street Performer in Bethlehem

    Cups and balls Coins (Miser's Dream would be good) Rope Watermark (Not with cards but names or dates) Heck even borrowed objects like phones (sure it doesn't go with the time period but good comedy with that)
  9. bentley

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge My three pictures with my favorite deck.
  10. bentley

    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Obama: 270 Romney 268 Romney: 270 Obama: 268
  11. bentley

    Coin2Phone (Card2Phone app)

    One thing I like to do is the thumb palm. May not be for you but I use that a lot. Definitely a cool app and glad I'm not the only one using it. Just cool that it doesn't look like an app.
  12. bentley

    Coin2Phone (Card2Phone app)

    Might want to add subtleties to prove that you aren't doing what you really are. Some people may want you to show them all sides of the phone or you may want to show your hands empty just as a convincer.
  13. bentley


    Most of my clothes for my shows are from Buckle. I'm a modern guy but want you to know I did dress to do a show and not look sloppy.
  14. bentley


    Any book by Ormand McGill as well.
  15. bentley

    Road's Untraveled

    Not necessarily. Actors use a script and it doesn't look faked or put on. I am an improver as well but just stating that first sentence for emphasis.
  16. bentley

    Saturday Night Contest - Twist of Fate

    4 of clubs 4 of hearts 4 of diamonds 4 of spades
  17. bentley

    Morgan Strebler vs Criss Angel Featured on Yahoo!

    It seems like two have written about it. And there is an article on The Magic News Wire but this is all I found:
  18. bentley

    Favorite decks? Which are the best?

    Wondering how my name got into this. (YES that is my real name not just username). Anyways I LOVE Aladdin's but when my stash is gone (since they quit making them) I will use the NOC Decks and Bikes, and Tally-Ho's circle back and lastly Aristocrats! Loved the stingers when they were black and...
  19. bentley

    theory11's Five New Releases?

    I only see the charity decks are 5 dollars, White Monarchs, Rebels, and Blake's effect. What is the other release?
  20. bentley

    Most Overused "Magic Music" At A Convention

    Not a song about magic but I hear "Explosive" by Bond used a lot. Manipulators love that song apparently.
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