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    Impossible Bottles

    I've made quite a few, about accumulating bottles, I mostly use Ikea bottles. They are a great shape and size and $2 each, provided you've got access to Ikea.
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    Marketing through Reddit

    Seems fine to me, depends on the subreddit though.
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    Marketing through Reddit

    Reddit is much more about sharing content, blatant self promotion is usually not allowed, and wont be well received. your best bet using Reddit will be to just produce good content, and make sure people can find out who you are if its popular. You'll also want to post to a few different subreddits.
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    Franco Pascali Acaan

    They are not stooges. While the exact method for this effect is not explained in Mnemonica, what Adam is trying to say is that the overarching method is contained in Mnemonica, with a couple of other things seemingly added by Franco. I'm sure you've checked the ACAAN chapter in Mnemonica, that...
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    At what age u started learning card magic??

    Had a short phase that I think must have been around 12, then started properly at 16 I think. I'm 20 now.
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    Cold Reading?

    Derren Brown is famous for performing with this presentation, that is, he makes it look like hes doing what you're interested in. He achieves these effects using a variety of methods, often its as real as it gets, often its trickery, whatever. In his book Tricks of the Mind, there is a chapter...
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    Questions about new wheel

    Well if you made a purchase every day, you'd have twice as many spins.
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    What is the best ACAAN?

    Thats not what the question was. I would say the definition of ACAAN is in its name, Any Card At Any Number. If there is a given card and it is found at a given number, that makes it ACAAN.
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    Questions about riffle fans.

    That would be the dribble fan, taught on Dimitri Arleri's DVD "Monument" which is sold here. Alvin does it slightly differently that usual, but its the same fan essentially.
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    Concerning..Magic (shocker)

    Well that depends very much on the situation. It could be a gimmick that can be handled by a spectator, anything could happen. Apply some problem solving, see what you can come up with.
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    Elite Points: What are you saving up for?

    I'm sure someone more official can confirm, but I think the holiday contest has been on for the last 4 years at least, pretty safe to say it will be on again.
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    Research for movie -- want to be interviewed?

    Yeah I'd be interested, I'm in Australia so I don't think there is too much point in going beyond text but I'm still keen!
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    S.s.s vs S.s.s (2015)

    Look at reviews for either, from what I know I wouldn't recommend you go with that technique.
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    Fluid Spitting Gimmick

    I'm a bit confused about that, you want a tube that looks transparent but isn't? Transparency is a way something looks, so that isn't really possible.
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    Fluid Spitting Gimmick

    Haha absolutely!
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    Fluid Spitting Gimmick

    You could learn the technique used by Hadji Ali to regurgitate liquids on command. Seems like it would be very difficult to learn though.
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    Cards in a balloon - Shawn Farquhar & Overstuffed - Bizzaro

    With your question about Overstuffed, that depends where you live. Contact support.
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    'Our Magic': Interpretation of 'Normal Art' & 'High Art'

    To be honest, I think you are taking these definitions a little too literally. The definition of art is very grey, like with most words the definition seems to be mostly up to the individual, art in particular as it is a fairly complex concept. The only person who can really answer your...
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    Truly Creative Magic Performances

    Gotta be Tom Mullica's cigarette routine.
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