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  1. blue shirt

    Preparation For Prom

    Some of your responses are pretty funny XD I'm not asking her out to be my girlfriend, it's prom. And in response to someone who said she might want to go with someone else who's more popular, she's not a cheerleader; she's in my tier on the social ladder :P Does the thing about prom vs...
  2. blue shirt

    Preparation For Prom

    Hi, guys. I'm a high school senior. I've already made my reputation as a cardist around campus, and a lot of people ask me if I know any card tricks when I get bored and start flourishing. I know quite a few very good tricks, both full-length routines and 30-second quickies, and I've been doing...
  3. blue shirt


    I have a bit of a tip for practicers of this move. Instead of trying to do the spin holding it on the pad of the right middle finger, try to hold the corner more toward the first joint of the finger, about a quarter to a half an inch from the pad of the finger. That way, the card spins on a...
  4. blue shirt

    Favourite Cards

    ..don't we already have like a dozen of these "favorite deck" polls?
  5. blue shirt

    Ellusionist 3-Deck Sample Pack

    I think a lot of people say that Ghosts are the best out of all the decks that E has produced; those or Shadow Masters. I love Ghosts :D
  6. blue shirt

    Pandora Help

    I fudge it a little and use my left-hand thumb to straighten the packet while giving it a tiny bit more rotation in order to get my pinky to reach that corner.
  7. blue shirt

    Which cards are cheap and last the most?

    Tallies and Bikes are your best bets, in terms of cost vs. durability. Bikes seem to get a bad rep sometimes because of their commonness, but they really are excellent cards. If you get bored of either one, however, then Arrcos and white-bordered Bees are fantastic cards for a fair price.
  8. blue shirt

    Smooth Operations by Kevin Ho

    I got a friend of mine to pick this up and send it to me a couple of months ago. After reading the material through once, I picked up a deck of cards and got to work. After a month of practice and several performances of his tricks, here are my thoughts: PUNK'D Type: Trick Notes: This is my...
  9. blue shirt


    I'm also surprised at the number of people on this site that do some form of music and/or martial arts - maybe we should host a Theory11 tournament :D
  10. blue shirt


    I've been playing flute and piano for 11+ years. I've also heavily involved in martial arts for about a decade now - specifically taekwondo and MMA. Other mild interests include carnivorous plants and gaming, although I prefer to be out of the house on my good two legs. Oh yeah, and cards. :D
  11. blue shirt

    Saturday Night Contest - A Night in The Alley

    Andrei 200 Bryant Katie JB JB 200 Andrei Katie Bryant Bryant 210 Andrei JB Katie
  12. blue shirt

    Saturday Night Contest - Batter Up - November 1, 2008

    JB: 4 / 11 hits Andrei: 5 / 11 hits.
  13. blue shirt

    Best self created display... Anybody?

    I'm not entering this battle for three reasons: 1. No music and no editing ruins the style of cardistry videos. 2. Relating to reason #1, it seems that you're setting the rules to your advantage, because almost no one else does "no music" and "no editing" card videos these days. 3. Seeing that...
  14. blue shirt

    Bicycle Vintage Cupid Backs :: Review

    I'd like to add a little something concerning the finish. I recently picked up three Bicycle Vintage decks: New Fan, Cupid, and Tangent. The New Fan Back design felt more like a normal deck of bikes, but the other two have the same "waxy" feeling that DavidMisner mentioned in his review. Also...
  15. blue shirt

    Locked pshhh..!

    The only problem with what you said that most of these kinds of threads deteriorate into the comparison, fanboy-type threads anyway. It's not the fault of the person who made the original post, but some childish people tend to do that regardless.
  16. blue shirt

    Locked pshhh..!

    Yeah, I've never had a problem with customer service before. E hands out some pretty good decks too. Also, you thread wasn't exactly "good" - there's already a bunch of Ellusionist vs. Theory11 threads out there, just punch it into the search engine.
  17. blue shirt

    Music for the magician...

    Hello, all! Just a little discussion, i guess... How many of you guys play music? I think that playing the flute (girl's instrument, I know, but don't mess with me - I'm one of the top in the state :D) has really enhanced my finger accuracy and strength while handling cards. Also, studies...
  18. blue shirt

    Your Longest Flourish

    Um... J5 is like the LONGEST flourish I know, and it did take a while to get down. But the one that I've been working on for years is, for some reason, Brian Tudor's WTHHTS? flourish. The revolution with a card packet on the thumb is, for some reason, giving me trouble to get down smoothly.
  19. blue shirt

    Masters Decks and Clips

    They WILL fit, but not in the way you want them to; you'll have to cram them in to the point where you can't get them out of the Porper anymore. I suggest buying the E Porper for that, or buy a normal pack of bikes and use the D&D Porper to extend the lives of those a bit.
  20. blue shirt

    Card effect battle

    I can do a battle, but since I'm in school I might need up to a week to submit a video.
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