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    Is it legal?

    Trademark.... the names of the effects are usually trademarked by the company that is selling it. Best bet is to let Ellusionist and T11's team handle it. Send them a link to the site.
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    Thank you Cedric

    Thank you Cedric
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    When will we see some Eric Jones Coin 1-on-1's?

    Looking forward to it Eric.
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    Eric Jones working with theory11?

    Steve you will love this DVD... worth every penny plus some.
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    Tagged by Rich Ferguson

    Pocket size. Matt - Nice review.
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    Tagged by Rich Ferguson

    I was sent a pre-release copy.
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    Tagged by Rich Ferguson

    It is kind of hard to put tagging someone on a scale but all of the moves are perfectly natural so it shouldn't be hard. Also a lot depends on you and your performing style and how comfortable you are with your spectator. Rich does cover how to tag someone with long sleeves and other places.
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    Mirage et Tois

    Thanks Matt... I have already pre-ordered this one and I am looking forward to learning it. If you have never seen any of Eric's work then you are missing out on a amazing magician and a good teacher. (not directed at you Matt)
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    Tagged by Rich Ferguson

    The first word that comes to mind for this DVD is BRILLIANT… The reason that I say Brilliant is because when your reveal is on the spectators arm without them knowing how it got there that is magical. What is on the DVD…? Let’s start. Beginning with the live performances as Rich hits the...
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    Adam Grace's Frozen

    The hands free version doesn't have a time limit while the napkin versions has about a 15 minute time limit. I am not a 100% sure about this since I haven't been in school in a verrrry long time. Maybe one of the younger members that bought this could tell you.
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    Adam Grace's Frozen

    In-Hand/ Napkin version are the same thing. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Adam Grace's Frozen

    Doug the 15 minute time limit is only for the in hand version... the hands free method there isn't a time limit.
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    Adam Grace's Frozen

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake.... I corrected it.
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    Adam Grace's Frozen

    No it isn't big or expensive... From set up to performance.
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    Adam Grace's Frozen

    There are a few safety concerns but if you can follow directions and use a little common sense then you shouldn't have a problem. But the gimmick or the setup isn't going to blow up on you.
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    Adam Grace's Frozen

    By now you have watched the trailer and wondering to yourself if you should purchase this effect. Well after watching the video I can recommend the purchase of this effect. Frozen will create a magical moment for your spectators that will leave them in amazed. First there are several different...
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    Actually Alan has to say about this in a different thread - The original thread was discussing Frostbite which has had a name change. HERE
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    From Nothing by Kevin Parker

    See I was thinking that or Shotglass Surprise.
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    T.A.O.M. starts tomorow

    More informations is available here. And about the Texas Association of Magicians
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    Sleeping Queens

    There is no color change required for this effect.
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