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    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    Heads, Heads, Tails, Heads, Tails, Heads Cheers dox!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match 'Em Up!

    1. He was born with a black eye and every once in a while his eye closes unintentionally. Alex Geiser 2. He once bought a piece of toast without the image of Jesus on it for $50.00. Blake Vogt 3. His nickname is Momo. Chris Mayhew 4. He has a fish name Paul Vigil. Andrei Jikh 5. He is...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Pieces of Silver

    Muscle pass.. however I can't do it.. gl to all who enter
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    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    Red 10 of diamonds White jack of clubs Blue 2 of clubs Red 4 of hearts White queen of clubs Blue 7 of spades Red 6 of hearts White 7 of clubs Blue 9 of spades
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    Kids copying me and messing up my tricks.

    What I'm not getting is how does Joey know the effect's name? He wouldn't be able to learn the trick and reveal your effects if he doesn't know the name of the trick.
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    Criss Angel Vs Wayne Houchin

    Looks like SOMEONE'S trying a bit hard.... But to answer the question I don't mind Criss Angel, I just don't like his illusions. The fact that most of his tricks are done through camera work is quite lame imo.
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    Saturday Night Contest - Match That Deck!

    No offence but this would've been a better contest if the answers were sent in as a reply to a certain account or something. 'Cause people would've just copied the first or w/e answer and post as their own. And anyway whoever was a bit late for the contest would've had NO chance of winning as...
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    How Do You Start A Trick?

    I've been having trouble with showing people tricks well mostly just getting into the cards. I mean I don't wanna look like a wierdo just randomly pulling out a deck and saying to a random, 'Hey! Wanna see a magic trick?' So can you guys give me some advice as to how I should show people my...
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    Black and Blue Seals

    Can anyone tell me the difference between a black and a blue seal on a deck? I think I've read about it somewhere online about the factory it was made in? but I might be wrong on that. Thanks
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    David Blaine Entering New Chapter

    That's great for David but i just lol'ed at the comment on that article 6 kids.. get a hobby!
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    FIVE New Releases - The Holiday Contest 2010!

    Question about Claiming the Prize I know its highly unlikely that I will win anything from the Holiday Contest but is there any due date for when the prize has to be claimed?
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    Defect? in my Guardians Deck

    Actually thats where you're wrong many other cards even spot cards are a lighter shade of red than others
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    Defect? in my Guardians Deck

    My Guardians that I've purchased have a defect in them, about a third of the red cards are a lighter shade of red than the others which is that of blood red or similar shade. I mean it doesn't really bother me that much but it will bother me if other Guardians and maybe even Centurions have this...
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    Shipping question

    I got a question.. I'm probably going to buy a couple of decks like today so I was wondering since DeckONE are shipping on the 3rd [Shipping Note: DeckONE begins shipping this Friday, December 3rd, 2010. Order now.] will the whole order be shipped off on the 3rd, i.e. DeckONE and other decks I...
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    Saturday Night Roundtable :: Calen Morelli

    What will you do if you can't make an effect for a day or two?
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    Saturday Night Contest - {member+mashup} 2010

    I guess that's the prize =P
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Card Lottery

    haha gratz on 666 posts =) dont ruin, never post again!! haha .. no seriously never post again ur annoying as hell LOVE YOU <3!!! EDIT: congratz scard137 and sharkwayne lucky lucky lucky
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    Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Card Lottery

    Does that mean you didn't sell ALL 1100 that were printed with the leftover being kept? Or were there 1100 printed and sold but you kept the extras that were made, etc.?
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    'This is going to be a hard contest to judge. All the entries were really good!' You sir are...

    'This is going to be a hard contest to judge. All the entries were really good!' You sir are brilliant
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