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  1. Randomwrath

    11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

    When you guys see these cards, you will be VERY excited. This is not hype.
  2. Randomwrath

    Why is this is a male-dominated industry?

    Ah sorry, I was in a bit of a rush so I didn't have time to read through the whole thread.
  3. Randomwrath

    Why is this is a male-dominated industry?

    At the risk of sounding sexist, I would say that men like to feel like they have the power (shown in this case by knowing the secrets the audience don't). By putting them as the centre of attention, and by essentially fooling everyone else, it makes them feel more superior. Possibly. I don't...
  4. Randomwrath

    Tricking yourself

    I was on a bus one time, just randomly shuffling a deck of cards, and playing around with them and stuff. I already had one 6 out of the deck and in my hands for a trick I was practicing. I also needed another card, so I cut the deck randomly and took the top card. Flipped it over; it was...
  5. Randomwrath

    When Are You a "Certified Magician"?

    I'd say it's when you start doing magic. The difference between a person that knows one trick and a magician is that one is 'tricking' you and one is showing you 'magic'. if that person that could only do one trick had nailed presentation, had nailed patter, had nailed showmanship, then he would...
  6. Randomwrath

    Not so much a magic question.

    Whilst ambigram generators get the job done, I find that they usually end up looking a lot better if you draw your own. You could use the generator as a template, but a human can do these better than a computer. It takes a bit of practice to get good looking ones, but if you put the time in, you...
  7. Randomwrath

    Elegance, sophistication and finesse

    Tommy Wonder is the first name that springs to my mind.
  8. Randomwrath

    Extremely Nervous

    Again, I'd say use really easy tricks, so that you're not worried about failing. It also means you can focus more on your presentation and patter, to really get the most out of your performances. 'S a good way of building your confidence. Also, as long as you have a good time, it doesn't matter...
  9. Randomwrath

    Extremely Nervous

    Okay, first of all, I suggest practicing more. I know that sounds quite patronizing, but it's true. If you repeat the same movement around 1,500 times (that's the figure I understand it to be, though that may be wrong) you get it ingrained into your muscle memory. This is the point where your...
  10. Randomwrath

    Flaming Business cards

    You could carry your business cards in a fire wallet, and let them catch fire as you take them out? I've seen this done rather effectively before. I dunno if it helps, but it's an idea?
  11. Randomwrath

    William Draven on Jeff McBride's Wonderground

    I didn't see it, but excellent work Mr Draven. I have every faith it went brilliantly.
  12. Randomwrath

    Your Biggest Failure...

    Sorry, I'm not getting this. Share your mistakes and say what you learned from them, fair enough, but it just seems a bit silly to then not offer people advice or start a discussion if a certain point arises. I'm just saying, when is constructive criticism and debate ever a bad thing?
  13. Randomwrath

    Your Biggest Failure...

    To be fair, all he's doing here is offering advice for the situation mentioned. There's no point posting a thread about failures if people aren't allowed to suggest solutions to the problems. Otherwise nobody learns anything.
  14. Randomwrath

    Brian Tudor. Ugh.

    So what you're essentially doing is picking out somebody's faults, exaggerating them, and then pointing them out to the rest of the world with the intention of getting a bit of a laugh? In school, that's known as 'bullying' and generally gets you in rather serious trouble.
  15. Randomwrath

    Getting over nerves :: Blog Post

    There've been a couple of threads on this before, eg: here and here. You might want to have a skim through those two threads.
  16. Randomwrath

    Magician Vs. Trick Man

    In regards to the point about magic principles, it could be argued that street con men use magic principles, or that mediums, tarot readers etc use magic principles. That doesn't make them magicians. I suppose that they don't have the intent of entertaining their audiences, but still, whilst he...
  17. Randomwrath

    Magician Vs. Trick Man

    Is Derren Brown a magician though? His audiences don't think of him as one; he certainly doesn't refer to himself as one. If that's the case, what actually makes him a magician?
  18. Randomwrath

    Fire tricks

    If you want to, you can incorporate fire into just about any trick. Trust me, my friend went through a fire obsession phase at one point. That said, if you want tricks already with fire, I believe Jay Sankey has a few on the market. Might be worth having a look through some of his stuff.
  19. Randomwrath

    Magician Vs. Trick Man

    Just throwing it out there; the word is perform. PERform. With an ER, not an RE. As a community of performers, you'd think we'd get things like this right. Sorry, but it is one of those little pet peeves that makes me want to kill people. Please get this right guys, lest I set my gremlins upon...
  20. Randomwrath

    Magician Vs. Trick Man

    Surely it's all down to how your audience percieves you? If you persuade your audience that you are doing magic, you are a magician. If not, you are a trick man. I think that arguing about what title you fall under is meaningless, unless it somehow changes the audience perspective of you. If...
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