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  1. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - theory11 throwback

    1. Apollo Robbins 2. Blake Vogt 3. Daniel Garcia 4. Jason England 5. Chris Mayhew 6. Tony Chang or 1. Apollo Robbins 2. Homer Liwag 3. Daniel Garcia 4. Jason England 5. Chris Mayhew 6. Tony Chang
  2. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Game of BlackJAQK

    4 of spades 6 of diamonds Ace of Clubs
  3. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Name This Flourish!

    FANpower Halo Plateau
  4. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest: Superbowl Prediction v3

    Ravens will win 31 - 29
  5. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - The Coin Toss

    Heads Heads Tails Tails Tails
  6. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Animal Kingdom Lotto

    3 of hearts 2 of diamonds 7 of clubs jack of diamonds queen of spades 6 of spades ace of diamonds 5 of hearts 9 of hearts
  7. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Rearranging The Code

    1. 00031278 2. 31207080 3. 08703210
  8. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Red, White, and Blue!

    Red: 10 of hearts White: 7 of diamonds Blue: 3 of clubs Red: 2 of spades White: 3 of hearts Blue: king of diamonds
  9. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest: Duel in the Alley!

    Winner: Andrei with 123 Winner: Andrei with 137 Winner: MJ with 127
  10. Wildereachday

    11/11/11 - A Signature Event at theory11

    I would love to see an opportunity to get a pre-release Monarchs. Maybe have 5-10 random orders receive it in their package? It'd be a nice surprise for those who were unable to get them.
  11. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

    Top : Queen of hearts Bottoms: 7 of diamonds
  12. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - The Power of Probability

    1. Heads 2. Heads 3. Tails 4. Heads 5. Tails 6. Heads
  13. Wildereachday

    Searching on the Wire

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding what some have said. I know one thing I would like to see is a browse function. That way, even if I don't know a new artist's name, I can find them there. Right now, I have to know their name or the download's name in order to find something that isn't on the top...
  14. Wildereachday

    theory11 playing cards

    So which decks are only temporarily out of stock? :)
  15. Wildereachday

    New Orleans Magic Shops

    It looks like I'm going to New Orleans for a weekend later this month. Does anyone know of a good magic shop or two there? I'm sure there will be some shops with cheap tricks and party gags, but I'm looking for the better quality shops with professional magic. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  16. Wildereachday

    Bicycle colored Jokers?

    Are the colored jokers only in the 2011 Standards? I've opened several 2010s and haven't found any yet.
  17. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Red White and Blue

    1. red - queen of hearts white - ace of clubs blue - jack of spades 2. red - seven of clubs white - nine of diamonds blue - king of spades 3. red - ten of spades white - three of hearts blue - two of clubs
  18. Wildereachday

    Saturday Night Contest - Heads (or Tails)

    1. heads 2. tails 3. tails 4. heads 5. tails
  19. Wildereachday

    Uncut Sheet!

    I'd guess it would be worth around $61 + $8 shipping. :)
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