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  1. shankmagic

    Custom Cards

    well as a christmas gift, photoshopped some stuff together and i wanted to get some custom cards made. Heres the site: has anyone used this site, and if so how do the cards come out? Are they good quality?
  2. shankmagic

    Expert at the Card Table

    does any one know if i can buy a single pocket sized Expert At The Card Table
  3. shankmagic

    Venus Fly Trap

    I watched the trailer for venus trap by chris brown on D&D's site and it actually looks incredible. how practical is this and what is the difficulty on a scale of 1-10 1 being a normal DL and 10 being a 26 shift
  4. shankmagic

    S&M and Bee Stingers - The Same?

    if s&m are on aristocrat quality and finish ( sorry if im wrong ), then arent they similar to bee stingers??
  5. shankmagic


    do videos need to be on another video sharing website to be on t11 ie: youtube, vimeo
  6. shankmagic

    D&D on Time Warp - Exact Date

    alright, does anyone know what the exact date for the Time Warp special??? it just says that its in June.
  7. shankmagic

    A little help...

    so i was in history taking the finals. i did a few card tricks to my proctor after and she is the music teacher. at first her reactions arent that good. so the bell rings and i go to work shop ( i call it tech ). I was in the middle of staining my CD rack when a kid comes in and announces to the...
  8. shankmagic

    Q1 tally-hos and reg. tally-hos

    i was going through my decks one day when i noticied that my 2 circle backed tally hos are different. Heres how. one, the blue ink is darker, even on the box the one with the darker ink has a bullseye thing on the left flap and a T-2 on the other. You know when u open the box and it has...
  9. shankmagic


    i was reading some reviews, and they say this deck sucks. On the other hand, i saw a review on and they looked like quality of a normal deck of cards. Whats the truth???
  10. shankmagic

    Full Nelson

    Its by Chad nelson, is it just easy or hard. Is like the worm in the sense of the motions. heres the link: , it should be the last one or something Does anyone know if its on SURFACED
  11. shankmagic

    Stealth Color Change

    how many people here use the stealth color change???
  12. shankmagic

    Pass or Control

    I was just wondering what is the difference between a pass and a control. I think a pass is when the deck is shifted or secrelty cut somehow and a control is when only one card that is being moved. can ayone tell me if this is right???
  13. shankmagic


    i went to a pharmacy called Duane Reade and they sell tally hos and Aviators. Just putting this out there to anyone who has that pharmacy close by. I know this pharmacy is NY but im not sure about other states. heres the link if you saw something and wasn't sure it was the pharmacy...
  14. shankmagic

    Arrcos - Why

    I have a few questions about these cards. 1. Where were they originally sold 2.Who discovered them and started to use them as a staple in their magic first 3.What finish does it have.
  15. shankmagic


    In this thread people can post ways to un clump a deck of cards. Heres one idea.... Take your deck and do a regular DMB spread in a freezer. Try to close the freezer door as much as possible with your hands inside doing all types of flourishes. Some are like spreads and fans, while it could...
  16. shankmagic

    Already? D&D on Time Warp

    uh guys, a while ago i think dan and dave made the show on time warp. Heres why... 1 I remember seeing some card flourishes on the commercial for time warp a while ago. 2 when i was doing the stelth color change my friend said the card is slid on top of the deck. He said it was shown on...
  17. shankmagic

    How Long

    i submitted a video to theory11 and just was wondering how long it takes for them to put it up. I probably wil make more if it goes up quick.
  18. shankmagic

    Rite Aid Cards

    i was just wondering if anybody has played with rite aid's brand playing cards..... ive heard they have liniod finish but im not to sure. can someone make a review for them please. also off topic a little but whenever i buy blue circle back tallys from the drugs store, there edges are fine cut...
  19. shankmagic

    Is this normal...

    whenever i hold a deck of cards, my parents yell at me. Whenever i forget to take out the trash, they somehow relate it to cards like "well you probably could have done it if you werent playing with your cards" :mad: Does this happen to anyone besides me ( honest opinion) Sometimes my dad...
  20. shankmagic

    Truffle Shuffle

    this is by derek delguadio and i was wondering if its worth buying..... does have the same technique from the hank miller shuffle..... is it also really practical
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