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    LOST IN THE SYSTEM - Cardistry by Simon Lauter

    Hey there, Please check out my newest solo vid, trust me, u won't be disappointed :) Have a great day
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    EXECUTE - Cardistry Solo Performance

    Hello everybody I would like to get feedback on my first Cardistry video ro with OG's only. If you feel like you have the time to watch the video, do me a favor and do so :).
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    WAY-BACK Hotshot Tutorial - 2 Card Hotshot Variation

    Hey Guys, in this quick tutorial you're about to learn the sickest hotshot variation :) Have a nice day
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    Friffle 2.0 | Endless Friffle Variation Tutorial | Cardistry Nation

    Hello there, A few weeks ago I posted a video of an endless friffle on reddit, now I produced a tutorial on it. Have fun while practicing! Cardistry Nation
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    This is the BEST deck for cardistry & magic.

    I like them too. It's definitely good to cop some.
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    This is the BEST deck for cardistry & magic.

    Hello there, I just made a video about in my opinion one of the best deck of cards. Enjoy!
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    Crossspin - Cardistry Tutorial I Cardistry Nation

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy the tutorial!
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    How do I make a Cardistry video?

    I am only recording by myself, but at the end i am editing movement to the shots which you can see for ecample in this video
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    What videos do you want from a cardistry channel? (submit any ideas here)

    Hello there, I just started a YouTube channel and i just wanted to know what other videos than cardistry tutorials cardists want from YouTube channels. On this thread you're able to submit ideas. I will try to realize all suggestions. Thank you very much in advance for the suggestions...
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