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    Black Ghost 1 and 2

    i want to hear you thoughts about the black ghost decks. for example how the 2nd will effect the price of the 1st and some differences between the two! thanks
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    Something Dangerous...

    nice find. cool
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    Dylan's: Guide to Street Magic

    great thanks i have wanted to start street magic for a long time!!!
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    theory11 newsletter : BeLieVe : Something Dangerous

    it all looks so great if only i could afford it all now
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    Products Similar to Prophet?

    i agree and from what i have heard you can do it with any paper or paper like item as long as it is the same size
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    Warning (Garcia): Street Montage

    Great trick? i no that that dvd is rare but do you have any idea where i could get it!
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    My new video - Sweet child of mine

    Great! it is hard to see at some times but other than that great!
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    Books on Card Manipulation

    this is a great effect! Good luck with it!
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    Ego Change

    have a friend or someone watch you from different angles and find the angle that is best for you because everyone is different
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    Help! Bee reviews.

    they are great cards and because they are USPC they are much like bicycles or any other USPC cards.
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    Derren Brown's Awesomeness!

    thats cool i would like to be able to do that too.
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    Quick Question...

    I dont think it will allowed unless you get pramition
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    An Alternative Approach to Hecklers

    haha i got the joke
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    Card to Wallet

    i like the triple threat waller
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    CCC Results

    I think you make a good point flourishing should be for your own enjoyment and be your own creative moves it should not be so serious
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    Got some Absoluts...

    good to know
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    Approaching People?

    i agree good idea
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    What is your favorite deck? what is your favorite trick? what is your favorite dvd? what is your favorite book? what is your favorite T11 product? what is your favorite E product? and any thing eals you like and want to reccomend.
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    Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

    1) david blane will have his face ductaped to a computer screen with ellusionist pulled up for 10 secconds. if he compleates this he will become the brvvest man on earth. 2)
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    i just got my ultra gaff today and i did not get all the dvds. i think the deck is great and has some usefull cards but i also think some of the cards are not so great. i think the deck is worth it if you think you can use the cards in any magic tricks or if you are a card collector. i can not...
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