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  1. xmetal

    Precursor :: Patrick Kun + Zach Mueller

    There is so much going on in there. Well done video, and beautiful moves. Will have to study that many many times to take it all in. Top notch!
  2. xmetal

    Encarded - New custom card venture

    Heh, well you are in luck. USPCC has asked that I ever-so-slightly increase the border size so that we guarantee quality on the printed cards and don't have too many rejections. :) Oh, not to be too commercial or anything, but I teamed up with company that produces a sweet new card clip (made...
  3. xmetal

    Encarded - New custom card venture

    Thanks guys. I do realize there are a ton of decks these days (we all know who the big guys are and how often they release) and I am certainly not planning on tossing in handfuls of decks into the pile. I just really enjoy the design process and hope to craft a few that really mean something to...
  4. xmetal

    Encarded - New custom card venture

    Hey everyone, After falling back into the world of cards I got so excited about it all that I've taken it to the Nth degree: namely that I am designing my own deck, started up a company, built websites for it and everything. Perhaps a little crazy, but I think that while we have a multitude...
  5. xmetal

    Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

    Related to the world of cards, my main goal for 2012 is to get my own deck design finalized. I suppose Theory11 doesn't want more competition, but independent folks have good ideas too. :)
  6. xmetal

    Pre-release Monarch's

    As I read things like this (not just on this forum, but rather pervasively on the internet), I have a feeling that many people that grew up on the internet "speaking their mind" and freely "giving their opinion" will find it discomforting when they grow up and have actual face to face adult...
  7. xmetal

    Saturday Night Contest - On the Edge

    Sure wish I'd seen this contest sooner, could have gotten fancier. :)
  8. xmetal

    Your learning process? (from a noob perspective)

    I'm slowly starting to see/feel the difference between cards. All the decks I have are good quality nice ones, but some do seem to handle a little better than others. I've been rotating through my decks so as not to wear them too quickly, and pull out the cheapo decks for the stuff that really...
  9. xmetal

    Fully custom decks. A rare beast indeed?

    Woah, those are pretty crazy (and rather morbid)! Thanks for the tip, I'll look around for some more info on those.
  10. xmetal

    The Age Poll: How old are the cardists?

    Uh oh, that means you have me beat and are the reining "old man" of the forum so far. Congrats! :)
  11. xmetal

    Card Flourishes: JeremyT. - Modern Classic

    Great quality, camera work and nice solid moves and timing. As a cardistry newb I'll leave technical discussion of your moves to the experts but I enjoyed the film and think you did a great job putting it together. Gimmee 6 months and I'll try to make something like that. :)
  12. xmetal

    SEASONS Playing Cards - Feedback Requested

    Interesting, I've bought several things from AceKing just recently, so that will be convenient. Kickstarter is great, but if you can fund the production yourself and get them out there, all the better! Looking forward to picking some of these up, they look gorgeous and so very well thought out.
  13. xmetal

    Poker size vs. Bridge size

    Well the package looks right. I'll assume they are real, but you'd have to buy a deck to see. Here in the US you can get a 2-pack of those for just a few dollars. If they are real, those would be perfectly acceptable to use and are certainly the most used decks around.
  14. xmetal

    Fully custom decks. A rare beast indeed?

    @yoourMOM Thanks for the tip. I found some Artifice on eBay and those do look nice, I'll have to pick one up. @onimusha I'll have to remember to keep the dramatic black decks out for flourishing, but use something regular if I want to do a little magic. That does make sense, those dramatic...
  15. xmetal

    Fully custom decks. A rare beast indeed?

    I never thought of it from that perspective. Do you really think your average joe would notice a deck design? What would the all blacks do then, as they sure look the wierdest of all? I guess I need to get a little more magic perspective. :) Still, as a piece of design art (I'm a creative...
  16. xmetal

    Fully custom decks. A rare beast indeed?

    I just got back into cards (after recently discovering cardistry) and have picked up some nice decks in the last few weeks. I was looking through them all and it struck me that of the decks easily available these days, it seems like VERY few are actually full custom decks; that is not just the...
  17. xmetal

    Your learning process? (from a noob perspective)

    Thanks for the card suggestions! I have about 12 decks now and am generally doing what you suggest. I do keep my cheap basic Bicycle decks for the stuff I know I will be more likely to drop, like tosses and flips. We can all get a pair of those at the trusty Walmart anytime.
  18. xmetal

    The Age Poll: How old are the cardists?

    That is kind of what I was getting at. I am utterly intrigued with cardistry and only slightly in learning actual "magic tricks" but it does seem like all the stars of cardistry are young guys. Certainly nothing wrong with that, but it is interesting how certain demographics are so much more...
  19. xmetal

    Omg... Criss Angel

    Personally, I find the persona he created rather annoying. Trying far too hard to be "badass" and all edgy. It ultimately comes off as fake and over produced to me. That said, he does seem to pull off some cool stuff and is generally entertaining. There are a lot of people who like and...
  20. xmetal

    The Age Poll: How old are the cardists?

    Something I am curious about, being brand new to this, is how old the average cardist is? From the videos I see, it would appear that almost everyone is early 20's or less, which if true would make me an ancient old man in this community. :) I started playing with cards when I was young, like...
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