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    Getting corporate gigs? Social media may be a key. Found this article that gave good evidence that high-net worth people are using social media. If you do a bit of digging -- you'll find that there ARE ways to get in contact...
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    Coming Back From a Long Break

    Hey guys, After taking over a year off from magic, aside from several mediocre performances for family-friends, I have decided to come back. I saw Penn & Teller last night and it gave me that magic bug again. I initially left magic because it started to feel like "work" instead of being a fun...
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    I'm back -- with questions

    Can't wait to get bottom dealing down -- even if it takes forever.
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    I'm back -- with questions

    I figured false deals, palming, and false shuffles would take up the majority of my time. As for pinky counting, would a thumb count be a suitable replacement?
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    I'm back -- with questions

    Hey guys, After roughly a year out of magic, I'm happy to same that I'm back! Moving to a new school, heading to the gym, playing rugby, and getting a german shepherd shut my magic down. I still performed a couple times formally, and maybe ten more times to others informally; not nearly as...
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    Stay away from YouTube... find some good books and have someone in your family try and help you understand what's being said. Sometimes you have to read a simple part several times to get it, the more you read, the more you'll get used to it. If that fails, feel free to check out...
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    Alrighty, more too ya'
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    Help manage various companies etc... anyway.... thread's off topic, I think it would be smart if we both stopped bickering.
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    Yes, they do.
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    His diploma didn't have anything to do with the job he does now... And I disagree with a highschool diploma being nothing -- he's hired people who do just have a highschool diploma/something very simple post-sec wise
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    Don't bother with the whole YouTube thing, grab some books/DVDs! What I learned personally is that when you start learning from books first, DVDs are a cake. Also... books usually have a lot of more tricks/sleights and are cheaper than a DVD. If you want feedback on tricks, make a video and show...
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    Having a mentor is awesome -- you can get professional feedback and advice on pretty much everything. In addition, if your mentor's nice, they'll usually pass on old books or dvds onto you.
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    Agreed, and disagreed. My dad had a highschool education and went quite far like that -- at the same time -- he's very much against me not going to university; people who drop out of highschool/don't go to post-sec usually do it because of money issues or are on the verge of making a huge...
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    Saturday Night Contest - Do As I'm Doing

    7 of Diamonds. 6 of hearts, King of clubs
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    Ziplocked - Rob Greenlee

    Effect looks really nice; simple, straightforward magic. I'm thinking of buying it just because it's you Rob! :D
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    Saturday Night - Roundtable with Michael Herp

    What led to the motivation of SOLO? Which magician was your idol when you first began cardistry? How has cardistry affected your lifestyle?
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    3 New Decks

    Not sure if JB or anyone else part of T11 will see this... Are any of the new releases going to be limited, or can I take my time to get them *Embossed Bees were a s-weet idea.
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    Tight Situation

    Like a lot of the other posts recommended, manage your audience. If you don't know how to manage an audience, go to a mall, or some other public place, and start performing. The more you perform, the more you'll be able to manage your audience.
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    Which do you prefer?

    C'mon mods, nobody saw this one?
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    Quick Question? :)

    I'm pretty sure one of the guys on here made a thread on how they inspired a girl to start learning magic and took her to a magic shop etc.., was that you?
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