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    Magic Related Habits

    i hold my phone in mechanics grip
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    Clipshift Tips.

    One thing that helped me was not to overwork myself. Take a break for a day, come back to it, you will find it got easier, and you do it right more times than not. Just keep at it, taking these breaks every so often. You will get it eventually, good luck. -Andrew
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    when do they get new decks?

    I think the propaganda's are out for good but I could be wrong...
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    Magicians Wax

    i have braces and the wax they give me for them is perfect wax! I think you can buy some at your local walmart or whatever
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    Favorite move to just mess around with

    i love to practice culling and separating all the colors
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    Smoke problem

    got it guys! Thanks Casey
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    Smoke problem

    i have a problem with my gimmick, without exposing it too much, i cant open the gimmick to charge it. Please help
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    Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    how did the new logo design come about? are we going to see more from alan?
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    Does anyone else feel this way...

    well I'm a night person. For me it different i perform better when I'm awake as opposed to in the morning when im tired.
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    Daniel Garcia Projects - Sneak Preview

    cool wasnt symphony five tricks from DGP? the tricks sound cool, and this is only DGP 4, I think there are supposed to be 4,5,6!!!
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    Pen tricks?

    i think it called the flipstick move. Hope that helps!!! :)
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    Audio by Eric Jones

    yeah i saw this right when he uploaded it, he is really really really good, i think he is my favorite coin operator as well.
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    The Wire

    Damn! i fell for it!
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    Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

    when did you get your first deck of cards and what did you do with it?
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