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  1. Cyrus

    What if there is already another magician performing?

    Beat them up and steal their props.
  2. Cyrus

    YouTube Destroying Magic?

    *blinks* Nobody has posted in this topic for a year, why did it get resurrected again?
  3. Cyrus

    What are great Mentalism products?

    I'm probably one of the few people who would not recommend 13 Steps to Mentalism as a starter's book. Its the first book I got, but it succeeded in making me back away from mentalism for a while because it made me wary that mentalism might not be what I thought it was. It was actually Daniel...
  4. Cyrus

    Street magician - Tricks

    It depends. You have given us no information on your style and the type of magic you usually perform, therefore we have no way of knowing which tricks to recommend.
  5. Cyrus

    The Advocate by Daniel Madison

    When I first got Advocate and read the first page, I was a little disappointed. But when I continued to read and see how innovative and versatile Advocate was, I became very excited. Its very easy to create and take with you. Reset will probably require a quick bathroom break though, unless...
  6. Cyrus

    Gaff Decks

    If used correctly, gaff decks can be a powerful tool. Since you are just starting out, I highly suggest that you stay away from them. For three reasons. If you start using them now, you will only be exposed to gaffed tricks and they could become a crutch. You may not be able to perform the...
  7. Cyrus

    "The Real Secrets of Magic" by David Stone : THE BOOK

    Definitely. It has much more information put into. I'll be watching the dvds after I'm done reading it to reinforce what I learned.
  8. Cyrus

    "The Real Secrets of Magic" by David Stone : THE BOOK

    I'm about halfway through this book at the moment and it is awesome. Lots of information and its not boring.
  9. Cyrus

    Card Magic Without a Double Lift

    I have to agree with all the guys saying to learn multiple double lifts. Most laymen don't realize there are multiple ways to get a double lift and a lot of doubles look like it would be impossible for it to be a double. Joel Pascal's One Handed Double Lift is great because of this, I'll...
  10. Cyrus

    Burn - Daniel Madison

    Daniel has some great quality stuff, I can't wait.
  11. Cyrus

    Close-up Mirror

    I actually just got one of these and I must say that it is amazing. I never truly knew which angles were safe and which flashed until I started practicing using the Close-up Mirror. I highly recommend it.
  12. Cyrus

    Ethical question

    I have to agree, there is nothing wrong with buying only one copy for the both of you or you guys sharing a copy. Just like a friend of mine is showing an interest in magic so I may let him borrow some of my stuff sometime. There is nothing wrong with that, you bought the dvd and therefore you...
  13. Cyrus

    Which is better?

    I prefer the look of Shadow Masters.
  14. Cyrus

    Wynns or Centurions?

    Use the one that fits your style or the one that handles better for you. I personally don't like the way Wynns handle for magic, but I will sometimes use them for flourishing. For me Wynns tend to stick together more, making it harder for me to get precise breaks...this completely screwed me...
  15. Cyrus

    Check out my business card!

    Its nice but I really think you should blur out your phone number for posting on the forums. People might prank call you and for a small price somebody can find out where you live just by using your phone number.
  16. Cyrus

    Daniel Madison Clone

    Ummmmm, ok?
  17. Cyrus

    Review :: Flow by Dan Hauss

    Its not like anybody is going to drink it... This is what audience management is all about and yes it can work 100% of the time. You pick your audience and your audience is so in tranced with what has happened that they don't think to put their finger up in the bottle because you tell them to...
  18. Cyrus

    Review :: Flow by Dan Hauss

    It is something you can possibly find in a party store, but the refills are probably not that expensive and supposedly made to be better quality than the version of it you find in a store. For you other guys. -No you can't stick your finger up in it. -It comes with something to make...
  19. Cyrus

    Interesting find on d+M's site...

    Very cool, but can't Breach already be done with a signed card?
  20. Cyrus

    Will You Be Getting Flow?

    I will most likely get it, but I want a little more information before I do. Guess I'll have to wait till Tuesday.
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