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    Most skilled person

    duh i would think its brian tudor he is hell fast, a freaking nuts card cheat, and a kick butt magician, not to mention one of the flourishing fathers lol.... others would be bone, dan and dave, daren, and : huron low, hell good and freaking fast flourisher creative thinker awesome...
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    Joe Paschall | Ace Cut

    pointless personally i dont like any of joels material, non of his 1 on 1, only the triple shuffle is flashy but doesnt teach any thing .... usefull... :P believe, it was announced and published in less than a week, i personally dont like it its too simple and nothing special really, i dont...
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    Street Magic Help

    as for myself with the nervousness and stuff, i started just performing for family and friends of family, from there i gained reputation and confidence and from performing to people you sort of know theres not so much pressure and you start getting experience until your ready, but i guess this...
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    Madness By d+M

    dang dang reading that two way ambigram is freaking annoying
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    Saturday Night Contest - One Final Cut

    drill hole a little flourish o' mine :D drill hole-
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    "Mischievous" : Real Street Hypnosis?

    peter powers doing what every hypnotist really wants to do, or at least i would think so... what ever is this real? a big coincidence that the first victim recieved a call right after realizing what she did...
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    Hilarious New David Blaine Spoof!

    this is new David blaine spoof, really funny, enjoy:
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    What Are Flourishes For?

    understand "when you hear you will forget, when u see you will remember, but only when you try will you understand" - bone ho
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    Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

    1. David blaine beating the world record of disarming the most women braws in a minute, except.... they will be on men!!!! 2.david blain pulling the highest number of underwear of a random public in an hour ( current record se by caruso : 1, due to being beat severly after pulling subjects...
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    What do you think of my design?

    WEll, i really like this, although the first borders were better than the kinda .... frozen? sides.. i wanna see an ace of spades though...
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    Pandora Help

    1. practice 2. clip the packet your gonna transfer between the ring and middle finger, then when u take the card just reach over with your pinky (wow its really hard to explain) 3. watch the explanation agauin and again and again 4. practice 5. practice hope it kinda helped
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    Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

    its 132112
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    Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

    Mmmmmm... i have three answers.. 1.evolution 2.Time 3.reactions ( chemical, or physical)
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    Saturday Night Contest: The Vespa

    1. Totally OuT ofCOntROL 2. Love at first sight 3. I got me some mexican street magic!!!
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    My effect, feedback appreciated

    i want to see a vid, i would buy it indeed!!
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    o thanks, excuse my lazyness please ... :)
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    Adobe Media Player

    wow thanks for the heads up... appreciate it :D
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    when is wounded coming out?
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    Who would have thought?

    ooo man im so sorry for you, that must suck, same happened to me althouogh tjey took my playstation not my DDVD's..... :
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    Negative in card addiction?

    Wow ROFL ^^ then im not that #$ked up *sigh* XD well thnks for all your tips i will sure try stopping althogh i can stop tommorow for sure... XD .... THanks for everything
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