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  1. Mat La Vore

    Lottery Ticket Trick

    As someone who owns the effect I can tell you this is not true. There is no dual reality in the effect. Everyone experiences the same thing. You can do the effect for one person and the impact and effect are still the same. In the book Nate talks about how he did it for a local journalist in a...
  2. Mat La Vore

    A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

    Wayne recommends an 8. I use the slightly larger 7s. My recommendation is doing it with the biggest needle you can get away with, and feel comfortable working with. I'd be doing needle swallowing effects with 5s if I could.
  3. Mat La Vore

    Thread by Wayne Houchin

    Again, it's my experience that you can't do Thread with contacts in. At least not reliably without the contact either coming out--or at worst tearing. Is it possible to do it sometimes? Yes. Reliably? No. At least not in my experience. And setting up Thread while you have contacts in is a b!+<#...
  4. Mat La Vore

    A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

    There aren't any pre-made gimmicks. It's just a DVD teaching you the method. I'm still going to use Steve Spill's method for stage, but I like having this version for close-up/strolling.
  5. Mat La Vore

    A Single Needle by Wayne Houchin

    Hi, Austin. The dangers are not high. If they were Wayne wouldn't be selling this. The method is solid. I'd say Wayne's method is as safe/dangerous as the method in Tarbell is. Learn these methods right, though, and you'll be fine. I've been performing Steve Spill's method in my stage show for...
  6. Mat La Vore

    Thread by Wayne Houchin

    My experience has been you can't do Thread with contacts in.
  7. Mat La Vore

    Super Hero Theory

    Good article, Toby. About seven years ago I saw Garrett Thomas give a lecture in which he talked quite a bit about this. think in addition to your character, it also depends on what you're trying to convey with what you're doing. If you don't claim to have any powers at all, limiting yourself...
  8. Mat La Vore

    Favorite gaffed card effect?

    Twilight Angels
  9. Mat La Vore


    I highly recommend Luke Jermay's book Building Blocks whether you're looking to add some suggestion in to your magic effects, or if you're interested in magic effects based on suggestion. Top notch book that focuses on the topic from both angles.
  10. Mat La Vore

    Radio Magic

    Patrick Redford has an excellent book in his comic series called "Heptagon+". All the effects in it can all be done over the phone or radio. Awesome stuff. Highly recommended if you're looking for that type of material.
  11. Mat La Vore

    Covert hypnosis

    That's a debatable statement. From multiple angles. Especially since there isn't even a consensus on what hypnosis is or how it works.
  12. Mat La Vore

    Covert hypnosis

    Igor Ledochowski is a very reputable guy that has a great set on teaching covert hypnosis that you can find here: Keep in mind, though, that generally covert or conversational hypnosis is used for therapy and change work, and not performance. Generally, the...
  13. Mat La Vore

    Mentalism *Help*

    If you give a fish a man, he will have a friend. But if you teach a fish to be a man, he will be a friend.
  14. Mat La Vore

    Jumbo Dubstep Cardistry video

    That was great! Very funny, man. :) And in its humor I think it also makes a clever statement. Well done, sir.
  15. Mat La Vore

    Mentalism *Help*

    You already have what you're looking for in 13 Steps.
  16. Mat La Vore

    Feedback on Video

    I want your shirt.
  17. Mat La Vore

    Drawing Duplication "Prediction"

    Emir, I messaged you a couple sources on Facebook on where to find what you're looking for. Hope all is well with you, man. :)
  18. Mat La Vore

    Best EIT and tying system for cheap

    Mesika's Elastics is still the best IET. You can learn to tie Loops for free here:
  19. Mat La Vore

    Multiple Card Force With a Jumbo Deck

    The world does not need another magician with a jumbo deck of cards on stage.
  20. Mat La Vore

    Prediction Routine

    Perhaps the three things you force during the show aren't linked to an initial revelation (ex: forcing the four of spades to do an ACR routine).
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