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    Calling All Canadian Magicians!

    Calgary, Alberta
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    RIOT performed by dR+Review

    Sinful is a tool, just let him play with his screwdriver.
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    Magicians: Who We Are and Where We Are

    Allan Luu, Calgary, Alberta, Canada GO SKATE! and if your hungry, EAT SOME CHEESE!
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    The Downfall of Dan and Dave's 'Queens'

    There is no downfall in this trick, it is a good trick, what more can you ask. It is up to you what you want to do with the queens, if you want to end clean as hell, you can just throw them away in the trash then give them the deck, then there isn't any queens left, and if they want to go...
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    Magic and Flourishing

    Ok, so what do I do with the cards in my hands already? BISCUIT, WOULD YOU LIKE SOME CHEESE?
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    How to Write a Response in a Thread...

    zOMgZ shootz me for posting a bad response ROfLCOPTER
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    Halloween Magic

    And instead of a deck of cards, 52 pieces of candy!
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    Dive of Death tricks

    Hey guys, I think this site will help you out, it is alot more detailed per-say then the other one Hope this helps you out!
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    Ambitious Card People

    I don't know about you guys, but when I dream, it is usually about girls, but maybe I am the weird one...
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    Quick battle?

    Your going down buddy ;)
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    Dangerous Or Trilogy?

    I agree with almost everything you said up until you said this.... Why is that? Is it mainly because it doesn't fit your style or is it just not "practical"?
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    My first sandwich trick!

    I am going to be nicer this time but I am not going to comment on your technique per-say but more of your performance. In your performance, you are very cocky, which happens to alot of newer magicians today, they get all caught up thinking that they are better when really, we are just the...
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    Magic For Real World Problems

    Due to reasons beyond my control and since I have been warned, I am prohibit to state my opinion
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    Magic at the mall

    No comment.... welcome to the future of magic :/
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    theory11 update : White Centurions + A Confession

    Wow, what a bunch of babies, even though I am not a huge theory11 fan, you should still grow up... just a deck of cards.
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    theory11 update : White Centurions + A Confession

    I am not really excited at all for the white cents today, just another deck in my opinion. However, the extra feature should be interesting, mainly because I don't have to pay anything :D.
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    Your Favourite Effect

    I think I would have to say the queens version by Dan and Dave. I have put so much effort into that effect, you have no idea and once I get the confidence to perform it, I can't wait to see what it will be like.
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    Prepaid Credit Cards

    I do believe they have one through money mart but I am not sure if you have those.
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    Prepaid Credit Cards

    In my opinion, go with MyTreats, even though they are harder to find. This is the only way we (Mike and I) buy stuff online, it is kind of a burden but my parents won't trust me with a real one (I can't speak for both of us though).
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    My element photos

    Your right, just wait till you see the others, you haven't seen anything yet.
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