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  1. Seawood

    Card box flourish

    i would say rapture
  2. Seawood

    Daniel Madison's Anthology

    Hi Before I say this i should point out that i am not entirely a fan of gimmicks and so i tend to favour the sleight based tricks (having said that the burn book was a big game changer for me) some of my favourites are; - The Gamblers cop (just as a move its amazing and it very subtle once...
  3. Seawood

    Saturday Night Contest - Card Camera Challenge

    my two entries
  4. Seawood

    Card tricks - Greatest Form of "Magic"?

    . . . . . . . . . . struggling?
  5. Seawood

    The word "MAGIC" and its negative connotations

    as always Craig eloquent and insightful
  6. Seawood

    Magic for Real People!

    I know, the sound of people enjoying themselves really grates on me too hahahahahaha
  7. Seawood

    Card tricks - Greatest Form of "Magic"?

    as i said . . . . . . . . struggle lol
  8. Seawood

    The word "MAGIC" and its negative connotations

    The way that I have always counteracted the problem of ‘magic’ and ‘magician’ as labels is by referring to myself as a Deception Artist, because people, don’t know what that is, ask. That allows me to quantify it as whatever I want. Its an old idea used by many, David Blaine used the term...
  9. Seawood

    Card tricks - Greatest Form of "Magic"?

    you are going to struggle here
  10. Seawood

    Saturday Night Contest - Election 2012 Prediction

    Obama = 312 Romney =226 Obama:271 Romney:267 good luck everyone
  11. Seawood

    Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison

    i have 2 questions; - When/Where did you first discover the gamblers cop? - how is your son and how are you finding being a father? Thanks Ben
  12. Seawood

    Derren Brown

    There are three Derren Brown releases. The first of which was Pure Effect, a book released in conjunction with his lecture tour (the lecture itself use to be available from his website but i don't think it is any more [it was about £30]). This book mainly comprises of effect as one or two...
  13. Seawood

    Saturday Night Contest - White Monarch Turnover

    joker king and queen are white others are normal
  14. Seawood

    Saturday Night Contest: Le Sequence

    The first card Michael pulled out was the king of clubs, and the second card he pulled out was the 7 of diamonds.
  15. Seawood


    I have a two copy's and its one of my favourite books i have ever purchased i use them all the time. theres some many ideas in there that i always find something new. its written in a style that has no patter or scripting but i really like that. I would also go for the full anthology rather than...
  16. Seawood

    A Reflection

    i think almost all magic is inherently beautiful some times its hard for us magicians to remember that we all have a responsibility of elegance and that all of our art it based not only in our ability to deceive but to do so with beauty and elegance. if you are struggling buddy my suggestion...
  17. Seawood

    Smoke and Mirror V2 uncut sheets

    Hay guys, soes anybody know where i could get a set of smoke and mirror v2 uncut sheets. I have been looking everywhere for about a year and i cant find any. I already have the v4, v5, and v6 uncut it the last in my collection. Any information would be much appreciated Thanks Ben
  18. Seawood


    Hi everyone, I recently bought some red standard index wynn's, but they are awful they clump, they dont fan and they are really thick but soft. Is this a unusual pack? because i have three more that i havent opened (thinking i would eBay them if this is just what they are like). It seems odd...
  19. Seawood

    Are you scared to palm?

    the palm i use most is the gamblers cop (the way daniel madison teaches it) its just so well hidden and natural
  20. Seawood

    Powerful, Easy, Direct Mental Magic

    lets see if this cant become a helpful thread instead of being a catastrophic failure/waste of time. Im relatively new to mentalism but i have been a slight of hand magician for about 7 years. could you please explain where to learn some of the bellow skills. I have read a few books on cold...
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