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  1. JDENredden

    Research Project on Playing Cards.

    A friend of mine is conducting a research project on designing a deck for magicians and he has asked me to pass a link around of his survey to some of my magician friends and such, so i thought why not post it here. If you have a few minutes it would be greatly appreciated...
  2. JDENredden

    New coin vanish/production

    Thumb Clip? J.
  3. JDENredden

    Merry Christmas and a FREE PDF

    Hey, Havent been very active around here lately, but I want to pop in at 1:38am Christmas morning in Australia and say Merry Christmas to everyone on the theory11 forums. And continue a tradition I have done for the past years and give you all a free bit of my magic. Here I offer you a copy of...
  4. JDENredden

    Hatin on Gimmicks

    You wanting people to ask you to perform magic is not a good attitude to have. Turns you into nothing more than a trick monkey, not a magician. And when you turn them down because you dont have a gimmick, does not add to your spur of the moment persona, if you cant do a trick for them when they...
  5. JDENredden

    Are these tricks original

    Im not particularity sure what half of those tricks were meant to show. It may be because Im a magician but it jsut looks like you put a bunch of cards up and off the table. J.
  6. JDENredden

    A MUST READ! The 5th dimension of magic

    Preach. I do find it slightly disheartening that you think you're the smartest guy in the room writing this 'article' but didn't do the research or even been in magic long enough to know that magicians have long ago compartmentalised magic into 10 theories of magic. The reason every magic...
  7. JDENredden

    Australian Coin Magic

    I generally use 20 cent coins. They have a good shape and weight, they are the coins most similar to American half dollars. As Dicer said they do talk a lot more than American coins. Due to the metal the coins are made from. If you can get down to a coin collecter and get some old school silver...
  8. JDENredden

    Merry Christmas Everyone + Free PDF

    Hello. Its 1:49AM on the 25th. Which means its Christmas. For me at least. So Merry Christmas everyone, have a fun and safe holidays. Continuing on my tradition. I present this years Christmas PDF from yours truly. This year I sort of forgot and got carried away working and studying to...
  9. JDENredden

    "Limited" trend is shocking

    Except when its a deck of cards. J.
  10. JDENredden

    "Limited" trend is shocking

    Magic is dead. J.
  11. JDENredden


    Arthur Benjamin has a book teaching his methods for Mathemagic. And while you can say 'Oh, its just simple 'Lighting Calculation'', but when you see what he does to do those harder ones near the end its not as simple as you think. Simpler then you'd think but still ridiculously hard. Its like...
  12. JDENredden


    Except eBay is cheaper. J.
  13. JDENredden

    Best anaconda card flourish EVER!!

    Alejandro posted a link to this video on FB, viewing is essential. J. Edit: Just realised it should prob be in the Cardistry discussion, my bad.
  14. JDENredden

    Where Are You Guys?

    Adelaide, Australia. J.
  15. JDENredden

    SEASONS Playing Cards - Feedback Requested

    FINALLY A DECK OF CARDS SOME ONE (TRIED TO) DESIGN ON HERE THAT LOOKS GOOD. I would buy them they look swell. Good job man. J.
  16. JDENredden

    Wire submissions are now live!

    Jonathan said that PDF would be accepted.\ J. Edit: Well Duh he jsut said.
  17. JDENredden

    If you are thinking about submitting to The Wire..

    Dont. I think if you have to ask people if they would buy it, you dont have much faith in your trick, and will produce a sub par quality trick. Yes The Wire is a fantastic way to release your magic, but dont just do it for the hell of it. Spend time working on your tricks, you shouldnt be...
  18. JDENredden

    The WIRE

    If you really want a top notch video, go to a film school there will be many, many people there ready to work for cheap. J.
  19. JDENredden

    Buck Twins / B.J. Novak?

    Second. J.
  20. JDENredden

    Draven Reflects upon the Wire.

    I am a big fan of magic and cardistry being taught in a more conceptual and interpretive way, that is it being written, rather than spoon fed with a video. Will The Wire accept written tricks, PDFs? J.
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