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    Split Spades or Centurions?

    I like Splits. But, Cent is a nice looking deck as well.
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    Impromptu Coin Through Bottle

    You can make Factory Sealed Impromptu. Others have posted where they have literally done the secret right in front of specs at a crowded ball game. No one is watching you, they are watching the game. To the specs it is pure magic because you just bought the bottle. It even says on the...
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    From Nothing by Kevin Parker

    Reminds me of Osterlind's Glass of Water Production. Osterlind does teach his effect very well in his DVD series and producing a full glass of water from an empty bag surely seems much more incredible than an apple.
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    Clutch by Oz Pearlman

    Looks like an effect you'll use alot due to its impromptu nature
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    Impromptu Coin Through Bottle

    Exactly. Abyss is gimmicked and not for everday magic. Bullet is killer for an empty bottle CIB. Factory Sealed is killer for liquid filled/unopened bottle penetrations. Both Factory Sealed and Bullet do not require at home pre planning. You can be ready in seconds.
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    Guitar Levitation?

    Very Very Possible indeed.
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    Control on the street?

    Being that it requires nothing but an audience, i think Control is great anywhere you have spectators. Granted some environments may be better than others, but it's definitely worth learning. No gimmicks, No pre Show!
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    Flow Conditions

    Two bottles? I suppose you could do that, but having two bottles where both are introduced by the magician is just way too suspicious that something was done prior. (prep) Good luck with that routine. Too gimmicky for me.
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    Stigmata or Control?

    Both are impromtu gimmickless on the spot effects. I prefer the classic Stigmata though.
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    Flow Conditions

    The downside is you won't be able to do it yourself either immediately. Give someone a gimmick and a full minute to prep a bottle in private and they can turn the water into beer. Aint that right Angel?
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    Daniel Garcia's Torn is definitely worth learning.
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    David Copperfield

    Where is he next scheduled to perform?
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    Flow Conditions

    That's kinda the problem with tricks like this, no matter what the method is, even if they don't know what it is exactly they formulate it had something to do with "science". It would be cool if they come out with a effect like this where you can touch the water and it is still suspended, now...
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    Has anyone noticed...?

    Fade a way effect?
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    Flow Conditions

    I agree. He wasn't asking how it's done, just seeing if it was right for him. It's good to know how practical things are before you buy them and if it's for you or not. The fact that people can't touch the opening of the bottle and "might" see the gimmick in sunlight are factors that are...
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    Coolest Invention in Magic

    That definitely is up there in the top ten.
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    Split Spade :: Lions Review

    Yes, I noticed that too.
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    Review :: Flow by Dan Hauss

    "In the sunlight, they might see it." Also, because it is quite risky and delicate it is no way 100% going to work properly all the time. Some videos that aired show the delicacy of the gimmick.
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    5 Speed by Chris Kenner

    Nice review, thanks. It's on my list.
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    Review :: Flow by Dan Hauss

    Good point, I'll probably stay away from both of them, but Anti Gravico is nice and inexpensive for a bar trick. Because people are familiar with similar effects, they might say something is blocking it and want to feel the opening, which you can't blame then for. And if anyone touches it for...
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