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  1. obrienmagic


    My favorite tricks to perform are ones that have a personal deep connection to me personally. When people react to them or better, get emotional, it feels so much more rewarding! My Pokémon trick is an example of this! It makes me so happy when people enjoy it!
  2. obrienmagic

    Among Us themed Card Trick!

    It is finally here!!!! The Among Us themed 8 Card Brainwave type effect I like to call “Sus Brainwave.” Plug in your own handling how you like! It’s fun and clearly my 4 year old loved it so, I am sure your audiences of all ages will enjoy it! For the handling in this video, check out “The...
  3. obrienmagic

    Some creative ideas I had over the lockdown that I FINALLY got footage for!

    As we all know, lockdown has really made going out and performing magic super difficult. For us creators we have had to rely on performing for our families to get practice time in abs work out these ideas haha. So it was nice to finally get to perform these effects for complete strangers (and...
  4. obrienmagic

    Old School Nintendo Themed Mindreading Trick? :)

    Finally got around to filming a performance of my NES themed tossed out deck routine. Hope you like it! Any suggestions on what could make it better please feel free to chime in!
  5. obrienmagic

    Linking rings for the streets - Dan Harlan

    Are you using small closeup rings or large stage rings? If the former, you need to look into: -Ninja rings by Shoot Ogawa -Ninja+ by Matthew Garrett -Messado Rings by Joshua Messado If the later I think the pop Haydn routine is best! It is the one I use. I recommend the "world's greatest...
  6. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: Shoot in Hollywood by Shoot Ogawa

    Today I review one of my favorite (and ironically first) magic DVDs I ever purchased! The stuff on here is pretty advanced. I will also be performing the hardest routine on here in this video so be sure to take a look if only just to witness the craziness that is "Nerd."
  7. obrienmagic

    I haven't got a tutorial video

    Reach out to support. They should be able to help!
  8. obrienmagic

    Zandman Book Test Series 2 Set!

    Check out this “review” Lol of series 2. I hesitate to call it a review since I’m part of the project but I really do believe it is one of the best kind reading props on the market!
  9. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: In & of Itself by Derek Delguadio

    Though this is a spoiler free review, it is highly recommended that you watch the show before absorbing any content about it! I will avoid specifics in this review but will talk in detail about the tone and what makes the show so good. Enjoy!
  10. obrienmagic


    Hello! Yes you absolutely can! You have full control over any changes you want made including deleting a video from the marketplace. All you have to do is email support ( and request them to make the desired changes. 90% of the time @Casey Rudd is who makes the adjustments...
  11. obrienmagic

    Happy New Year!

    Awwwwww thank you so much! Happy new year to you as well as the rest of our T11 family!
  12. obrienmagic

    REVIEW: "Masquerade" by Raphael Macho

    You can purchase this effect right here in the T11 Marketplace!
  13. obrienmagic

    Greatest lecture of all time?

    Not sure I have a favourite lecture per say. But I really enjoy watching david stone lecture. It is super informative and always fun to watch!
  14. obrienmagic

    Card To Mouth

    My best suggestion is to swallow as much spit as possible before putting the card in your mouth. But I would also recommend avoiding handing the card to anyone. Because of covid this is just asking to spread the virus.
  15. obrienmagic

    Card To Mouth

    Are you referring to the classic CTM with the card sticking out of your mouth or do you mean a folded card to mouth where the entire card is inside your mouth while closed? if the former, you don’t hold the card by the lips. You hold the card by the skin around the lips (as if you were making a...
  16. obrienmagic


    I love the deck and I love your moves! Beautiful!
  17. obrienmagic

    How do I start a semi local magic club in a small town? How do I find magicians and those wanting to

    I agree about SAM/IBM. a small group of magicians in my city started a group awhile back called “The Monday Night Jams.” We now have over 1,000 members worldwide in 6 major cities! The way we did it was simple. We got 5-6 people together and found a place to meet. Each of us told our friends...
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