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    Card Tricks SUCK!

    she's entitled to her opinion. Doesn't mean it's a good one, and it doesn't mean it's a bad one. Just that what she prefers. I do find it odd that she hates card tricks, yet goes to The Magic Castle.. That should say something about her common sense. It's like hating MSG and going to Chinese...
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    Restaurant Magic Tips?

    It's a good routine because it allows you to hit everybody in the group/table when performing and if you are doing it at a gig, people can enter and leave the group any time and you can still continue the routine without missing a beat. I think Garret Thomas mentioned that's what he does at...
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    Restaurant Magic Tips?

    Generally speaking you could do an entire gig with nothing but things like Stand up Monte, Sponge balls and Rubber bands. In fact these would end up being your best friends when starting out because your pockets would look flat and empty, they are easy to remember and don't take up any pocket...
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    Spectators And Their Infinite Knowledge

    Just smile and say "Yup, that's exactly how I did it." Either one of two things will happen. They will say "I knew it!" or they will completely forget about it because there is no way that you easily give away the actual method/answer.
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    This is how the haunted deck should look!

    I don't understand why you let the guy examine the case? I know in your mind you THINK that if they examine everything that they will no longer think you use gimmicks. But in reality, it just tells the spectator "I didn't find anything wrong with the box, so there is obviously something going on...
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    This is how the haunted deck should look!

    Eugene Burger has a really nice version of the Haunted deck, but then it just looks better with his performing style.
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    PYRO by Adam Wilber featured in local NewsPaper

    It's also going to cause so many injuries from kids and teenagers who are most likely going to ignore the "don't try this at home." prompts.
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    How many dupes?

    That may be the "idea" but in reality you may not have that chance to constantly reset each time.
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    How many dupes?

    Honestly I wouldn't do Torn and Restored transpo or ACR at a gig like that, because you are likely to quickly run out of cards. Most smart performer's usually stick to things like Sponge balls, Coin magic and possibly maybe one or two solid card routines that reset near instantly. Because when...
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    Geek magic for Halloween

    You do not have enough time to be able to properly learn Geek magik and do it safely. With Halloween 10 days away. Why not just do Glorpie or Ash on Arm or maybe even the haunted Key. Those are safe to learn in a short period of time and fit reasonably well with the Halloween theme.
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    Cups and Balls and Cups and Balls

    Well if you've got the money, you COULD get the Stainless Steel Cups from Auke Dokkem. Those things will last you forever and they are near indestructible. Though for somebody just starting out, I would say go for a "decent" set. I know Bazar Da Magia sells a pretty decent set for around 50-90...
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    Best Card Reveal

    The thing about trying to learn a ton of different reveals is that has you get older and look closer at most of them. They are all essentially the same thing in the spectators eyes. It's not the reveal that makes the magic, it's how the performer treats it. Do you treat it like some big joke? Or...
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    Fake Exposure Videos - BAD for Magic?

    Learn how to properly misdirect and also learn proper timing, then you should be able to do the things that are often exposed on youtube. Actually, just straight up ignore the 12-15 year old's exposing magic on youtube and go about doing your own thing. They are only hurting themselves..
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    best double lift?

    Vernon would always use a break, because it's easier to tell when you are turning over one or two cards. I used to be able to pull off a Push Off, but I was never able to get the right amount of cards. so I later went back to using a break and then started working on the Vernon turnover and Lift...
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    best double lift?

    There are two ways to get a break. The first is to do it while you are talking and gesturing with your hands. (It happens at a time when people think nothing is going on.) The 2nd is something Vernon used to do in his old age. You gesture with the top card and just push off the next card and get...
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    Accepting Tips

    I've never heard of "not being allowed" to accept tips. But Michael Eaton has REALLY good reason for turning them down. Once you accept a tip at a restaurant you have pretty much already justified your cheap services to that person. "Why Should I pay you (Insert hourly rate here), when I just...
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    Magic dvds with good tips?

    I hate to break it to you, but you're going to have a helluva time trying to approach people on the street. Not only will this most likely dampen your self confidence with magic but if anything it will probably sour it a lot as well. There are much easier and better routes to take. Try...
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    How do you reply to "How did you do that?"

    Depends on HOW they stated the question. "Can you tell me how you did that?" means they actually want to know. While "How did you do that!?" is just an expression of shock and they don't really want to know the answer. So something a long of the lines of "I know. It's Impossible isn't it!"...
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    How do you present a sponge ball routine?

    The main problem with that routine is the anti-climatic clean up of having to scramble around and pick up sponge balls off the floor, the table and every where else.
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    Comedy phrases for spectators and Hecklers

    Why exactly do you want to win them over? What do you get from it? Besides showing your superiority to them and thus causing them to WANT to catch you off later on. Personally, your best option is just to ignore the guy and shrug it off. Who cares if he "taught" the trick to one person.
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